UK Nationals 2014 – Day 2

Wake up not so fresh Sunday morning. Goal is to get that one more win and finish at least 4-3 for the weekend.

Game 5 – Phil Manwaring

Xerxis vs Syntherion in Fire Support

Neither of us are surprised at the choice of drops and get right into the game, myself winning the roll to go first.

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UK Nationals 2014 – Day 1

The big day ooOooOoo.

Draws went up the night before for some random reason but whatever. Registered and picked up the 2014 shirt, the goodie bag with the all important food vouchers and a UK Nationals PP pin, nice!

Game 1 – Micheal Dick

Xerxis vs Sorcha 2 in Destruction

Well well. Good start. Scottish WTC member and the guy who placed 2nd in IG last night after barely failing to kill JPs Vlad1. He was playing Khador today and I had the feeling my Fist would get Dicked over (hahahaha… did not see that coming).

So I expected some kind of Vlad or Sorcha as his drop and I recieved the Sorcha2 with a Conquest. I’d considered dropping Makeda2 but all his lists had just a bit too much infantry to make it possible so I dropped the Fist. I won the roll and went first.

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UK Nationals 2014 – Lists & Iron Gauntlet

Lists were decided about a week before the Nationals with the intention of playing them in both the IG and Masters. The Friday IG would be used as ‘practice’ for the Masters on Saturday and Sunday.

I took my usual Cataphract spamming Fist of Halaak, I think its becoming something of a joke now. Makeda2 who i’ve recently started playing, due to some influence from Trevor from Chain Attack, containing five heavies to smash people up from miles away. Finally Mordikaar, who I was persuaded to play about a week before when I was stressing over a third list that could cover matchups I didn’t want the Fist for. Out of the three the Fist was the only one I had real game time with. I’ve played a bit with Mordikaar and Makeda2 with slightly different builds but if i’m going to steal a list I should trust the people who made it. Any losses are mine not the lists.

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