Decided to finally update this blog again. Long story short, went to UK expo, got really ill, mega depressed, gave up.

I’d originally planned to write up reports for all of the larger events I attended in the past few months but since its been so long (and I’ve forgotten a lot) I’ll keep it short.

UK Games Expo

The expo was split over three days with Friday and Saturday feeding into a Sunday Masters event.

On Friday I ended up playing in the qualifier against, Ossrum, eHaley, Rask, eSorcha and eMadrak. Ossrum was an Earthbreaker & Galleon build where I derped and lost my TyCom early so everything got knocked down for reals, scraped a win after successfully dragging Ossrum into Xerxis charge range. eHaley was the worst, got paired vs fellow CATFACE Ryan, dropped Mordikaar as an experiment and got rekt, Xerxis no better as a drop because we’ve played that before. Game 3 vsRask was a rather one sided, 3 posse basically counterfeated charged or dragged gators in and it went well. Against eSorcha I got really lucky with a T2 long scatter onto Sorcha and a Eliminator which set the tone for the rest of the game. eMadrak went much better after the experience at the Welsh, Madrak was basically down to Mulg and went for an assassination with Madrak himself which failed.

Saturday was fun times, I borrowed Runes and EE off Starky for a couple games. EE vs Constance which was pretty lols vs her infantry, although I had problems killing Constance herself near the end…. Then I played into Bretts eKruger with Runes and got smashed, urgh, Runes not so easy after all I guess. Rest of the day was spent playing Star Realms (good game).

I bailed Sunday as I was still ill and coughing everywhere, a R1 draw vs Ryan was also not ideal.

Lists were pXerxis Fist (Archidon, max Cetrati, 4min Arcuarii, 3 min Incindiarii and TyCom) and Mordikaar (Tibbers, Krea, Drake, Max CetratiUA, Max Nihilators, min Incindiarii and support).

Overall it was a fun weekend, despite feeling like shit.

European Team Championship

Was part of Team CATFACE (the bestest team!) played five games over the weekend versus pSkarre, eKromac, Siege, pDenny and eMorv. I actually managed to get a game in on the Friday with Birry Snakeshanks pDenny (merc gunline) vs Fist, he went for the scenario game dominating twice before I finally put enough in the zone to stop him clearing one final time, pDenny died. Literally the hardest game I would have all weekend.

Dropped Fist vs pSkarre, basically was winning until I fucking lost. Early few turns I weather the scattered pSkarre Feat charges from Banes and Raiders and counter Feat to get through the ARM bonus. The guns, extra melee damage and fire does wonders for me. Only Skarre, 1 Bane Knight from either unit, Gorman and a few Stitch Thralls left vs 20+ Cataphracts then 12 Focus pSkarre farts out 3 Hellfires and a Bane Knight charge into Xerxis with two Fury and I die (much salt). Admittedly I could have camped 3 and blocked LoS but still. Game 2 was eXerxis into eKromac which started off well after my Drakes were able to remove most of his Druids, after that I had Molik run around killing things, while it was relatively even on the threat ranges due to my Drakes I could force the issue and Molik would clean up anything that tried to sprint away. Eventually Kromac was forced to act and after going in to kill my Archidon died to Xerxis who went first to knock him down for Molik. Game 3 was eXerxis vs Seige which went well early as I feated so a Drake could walk over and spray down the Squire and some Blazers, the smaller control range and less Focus really impacted on what Siege could do personally and my remaining Nihilators and Drakes were able to trade well with the Boomies and Blazers leaving just the Stormwall which eventually got taken down by Molik.

Game 4 was another Fist vs pDenny gunline list which went much smoother after my game with Birry (experience helps), pDenny ended up clocking but it was only her and a few Nyss outnumbered 3 to 1 by Cataphracts. Final game was vs the Wolfpack (Puppyface) after some CATFACE trolling and randomised pairing process we also randomised casters and I ended up getting eXerxis into eMorv. I actually got really lucky as Moaks Wolfriders failed their command check twice allowing me to dominate a zone and get up on scenario, at the end I needed to clear the zone of various Druids and Bloodtrackers which went well up until Xerxis had to kill things where he missed 5/7 attacks vs Druids and Pendrake, who in the ended passed tough so I couldn’t score the zone. Morv won scenario on her turn, not that bad considering I was only in the game due to the Wolfriders failing twice.

Awesome weekend, 10/10 would CATFACE again.

Lists were Xerxis Fist (same as Expo) and eXerxis (Molik, Archidon, 4 Drakes, Krea, Marketh, max Nihilators, Willbreaker and 2 min PGBH).

Walsall Hardcore

Attended a hardcore event as a nice change from all the SR and masters events everywhere. Decided to list YOLO, rushed a model order in for some additional Drakes and took eXerxis Drake spam.

List was eXerxis, Molik. 7 Drakes, 2 Krea, 2min PGBH, Feralgeist.

Game 1 vs Saeryn, got first turn and into the zone, she defensively feated because of Molik, so I paralyzed her beasts and sprayed them down. Even after being down two heavies Saeryn had to heal 4 aspects to get the remaining beasts working. With not a lot left on the table it was only a matter of time before I got to Saeryn herself and she died. Game 2 and I managed to draw the mighty Chom and his Karchev were I again went first, on my turn 2 which went like this:
I think I can kill Karchev’
‘He’s ARM23 with 34 boxes…’

Karchev died. Ignite, eXerxis Feated Molik is disgusting. Game 3 was against eHaley who wins the first turn and runs at me, I’m not left with many options so I use Mobility and move up with Xerxis expecting to get a Stormwall to the face, and I do, I luck out as the Stormwall misses its charge attack which means I barely survive. As Haley moved up  to TK Xerxis around and enable the Assassination, I Feat and spray her down with the two Drakes that were in range. Last game of the day was against Butcher3, he had two jacks and an extra unit of infantry which melted to the Drakes, even engaged I just had the Drakes behind spray over (missing thanks to eXerxis Feat) and clear the jam. Molik killed a Juggernaugt and Fate Walkered away thanks to Ignite and Feat then the turn after traded for Ruin. I had about five Drakes left vs Butcher3 and his support at the end so paralyzed Butcher, sprayed him a bit then charged him with Xerxis for the kill.

eXerxis Drake spam is the most fun I’ve had with a Skorne list in ages. Playing hardcore only made it better as I ended up focusing much more on the game and ended up learning the list much faster.

UK Nationals

Didn’t originally intend to go to the UK Nationals as it was a mere week before the WTC but I ended up with a ticket a week before the event so whateverers….

Game 1 Fist vs eCaine, basically his army did almost no damage to mine while Caine himself was Gatecrashing around killing stuff every turn like the asshole he is. Not much to say really as most of the list was build to give Caine time but I pushed him out of the zones and forced the issue winning on scenario. When Cained did Feat it wasn’t enough as it was mostly to stop Caine himself from being overwhelmed by Cataphracts instead of trying to win the game. Game 2 was a Scone off vs Kevin Peers, no way I was having a Fist off too so I picked eXerxis while Kev took his own Fist (double Cetrati), I went first and ran at him, Kev made a positional error while unpacking so I Feated. Two Drakes spray down the Tycom and a Cataphract in the way another two spray pXerxis, Molik bounced off a Cetrati to get into pXerxis and he died, turned out him camping made no difference as I killed him through his Archidon. Didn’t feel like the long game was any good for me so KILL CASTER = NOT PWOBLEM. Game 3 I drew Golly and pVayl so I dropped eXerxis, was going ok for the first few turns trading a couple drakes for his Hex Hunters and playing around with Molik vs Scythean then I cocked up with Xerxis positioning so he couldn’t Fate Walk and dominate Gollys Flag, forcing Golly to try and assassinate me, lost on scenario. I don’t know about this game, while I definately messed up and lost my chance to win, I think Golly still had a decent chance to kill me even camping 3 Fury, with just Tyhon being able to get to me. pVayl still causing me much trouble.

Game 4 vs my salty friend Kenny with pSkarre, dropped eXerxis to try out the Drake spam, killed 20+ Bane Knights on pSkarres Feat turn with my Feat. Kenny was slowly clawing it back with Mechanithralls but Skarre got too close so I had Xerxis charge and kill her. Game 5 was another Scone off my Fist vs pMorgs, essentially blocked him out of the Recon zone and forced bad trades with his heavies and won on Scenario. Game 6 was Fist vs Bryce and his pSev list (“oh I think my pSev list is better into your Fist than Harby”) which had all its infantry set on fire and its Jacks run at by Weaponmasters. Yeah, went surprisingly well for me, sorry Bryce. Game 7 against Fraser, it was Close Quarters I took eXerxis and there was a giant fucking forest in the middle of the table covering about half the zone. GG. Fraser won on scenario. Forests = OP

Managed to win best in faction. Very happy. Also really enjoyed playing eXerxis Drake spam, really fun list.


I was signed up for the WTC solo masters but due to certain derpy issues I ended up being signed up by Nertherlands Hero as a replacement for their Minions player, awkward. I was given Rask and Banabus to play over the weekend.

Game 1 Poland Leaders, Rask vs Bradigus. This is my first game with Rask ever, and it turns out luck > skill. I somehow manage to be a heavy up on him after the initial trades and then squeak a scenario win. Game 2 England Roses, amazing, ends up as Rask vs Bradigus again…. This time however there are three forests in the middle of the zone, Bradigus goes first and decides to join the forests up with his own, game goes really bad, really quick, scenario loss. Game 3 Portugal Prime, Rask vs Xerxis, I feel conflicted about having to beat a fellow Scone but oh well. I clear out his infantry and start scoring. I’m helped massively by the fact that Wrong Eye with Voodoo Doll is surprisingly OP on a Mammoth. Scenario win.

Game 4 Belgium Brown, Rask vs Syntherion, I YOLO at the start and throw a Fury’d turtle forwards which manages to kill a heavy, while my Gators kill another light allowing me to score. I nearly get a scenario win but then the Axiom comes along and pewpews onto Rask who dies despite camping 4 Fury, I am upset that my list has no Shamblers. Game 5 Czech Republic, Barnabus vs Butcher 3, I mess up the attrition game due to poor early swamp placements try to go for an assassination onto ARM23 Butcher3, long shot but possible if I spike (dice minus 10/11)). I do spike, but its on an abomination check and a unit of Croaks flee. Not enough shots left by the end and I only deal about 6pts of damage to Butcher before Barnabus dies. Game 6 Greece Prime, Rask vs Xerxis, another game vs Xerxis urgh, this time its a Fist build, I am happy my experience pays off here as I trade properly and whittle it down, eventually getting to Xerxis himself and killing him.

Amazing event, had a load of fun playing and meeting everyone. I’d been considering playing Minions for a long time (natural with all the Gators I already own) but this sealed it. Many thanks for the Dutch who put up with me for the event.

Also, much LOL, as I directly contributed to pXerxis having a <50% win rate, HAHAHAHAHA. Minions > Scone.

Welsh Qualifier

Cardiff were one of the qualifiers for the Welsh WTC team is less than an hour away so with a few others I head over. I’m pretty devastated after the last Hordes book, PP seem to have given up with Skorne. As a change of pace I opt to borrow some Circle, specifically a p/eMorv pairing, and actually have fun with a good faction for once. Turns out Ryan who’s Circle I’m trying to borrow doesn’t have all the bits, curses! So I ended up playing with my CoC, Syntherion and Lucant, to make it even better I forget to take my Reciprocators so Lucant ends up running double Axiom, well played me. I also manage to persuade Ryan to play Skorne, eXerxis Drake spam and pMorgs, which was pretty funny.

Game 1, Lucant vs pDenny (gunline), I would prefer to drop Synth into Cryx but pDenny says no. Game ends up going quite well for me I spread the damage out with Shield Guard and then Feat after the Denny Feat to repair a lot of damage. Grinding the game out it ends with Denny left vs Lucant, the focus ball and an Axiom, so I win. Game 2, Syntherion vs pMorgs, I’m pretty sure this is a bad game for me, but I manage to get my Cipher to kill Tibbers early. Morgs Feats and sends a BB which gets into Syntherion but rolls underaverage to hit and I live, just. I Feat to kill the BB and again grind the game out managing to preserve my Axiom which by the end is challenged only by Morgs and his Brute, gg. Game 3 Syntherion vs Rask, feel ok about this despite it being incursion, but then I fuck up and put my Assimilator within charge range of 3 Gators (so dumb) and it gets rekt. Being a Heavy down early is super bad and I’m not able to contest properly, also pointed out to me later that I most likely overestimated the amount of damage my Axiom could take and should have played it more aggresively. I end up loosing on Scenario. Game 4 Lucant vs eXerxis, I somehow get drawn vs Ryan playing MY lists, worst situation EVER. He goes first runs up, then I move up making damn sure that Molik can’t get to me. Turns out I forgot about Xerxis himself, so Ryan goes ‘I think I can kill you’ (worst situation EVER). Thankfully he’s out on Lucant by a 1/4 inch but OMFG that was close. We did the math and at the time I was only camping 2 on Lucant so a Ignited eXerxis charge with 3 Fury more means I am REYT REKT, if he gets to me. So failed charge, Axiom smashes Xerxis’ box in, GG I do not have to suffer eternal embarassment.

That should be nearly everything from this year. Thank you for reading.



Battle reports, long overdue – SmogCon2015

<For various bad reasons this has been delayed and delayed until I didn’t care anymore. Now I’m in a super salty phase and need to find a way to detox which has led me  back to battlereports. I figured at the very least I should post what games I had already written up for SmogCon2015 before I start work on anything else so here they are. My apologies for the lateness>

I’m only going to report the Iron Arena games I played as they’re both Skorne and at 50pts, they are also all using Xerxis2 which I found to be really fun.

Xerxis, Fury of Halaak (*5pts)
* Basilisk Krea (4pts) – Bonded
* Archidon (7pts)
* Molik Karn (11pts)
* Tiberion (11pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
* Aptimus Marketh (3pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Venators Reivers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

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WTC tryouts and BIG Tides of War

<wall of text post as I was too lazy/busy/forgot to take pictures, sorry!>

<also an extremly long post>

Another busy weekend of gaming just gone. First there was the tryouts for the English WTC team on the 24th up in Stockport. Followed by Bristol Indepentant Gamings first WmH tournament Tides of War Winter.

Starting with the WTC tryouts, once again myself and my best hobbit friend Ryan (we’re inseparable) went up to Stockport. Ryan was on the selection commitee and I had managed to qualify for the tryouts. Our weekend started early on Friday as we decided to spend the morning/afternoon driving up and chilling before getting some games in during the evening.

So my lists for the tryouts were the Fist (no surprise) and a Xerxis2 list I’d made for the lulz.

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New Year, SR/Masters 2015, ADR & Wales…

Happy New Year!

I only realise now that I should have written year of WmH post for the end of 2014 but oh well, you can have one now.

So 2014 was a great WmH year for me, lots of fun tournaments and people and… this is boring. Basically, I played the Fist of Halaak for the entire year adding more and more cataphracts until my Fistcuit tin (as people call it now) could hold no more. I Fisted and Fisted and Fisted some more until I got locked into my other lists and lost….

The new year will give me a fresh start so I can start playing different lists/casters from usual.

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UK Nationals 2014 – Lists & Iron Gauntlet

Lists were decided about a week before the Nationals with the intention of playing them in both the IG and Masters. The Friday IG would be used as ‘practice’ for the Masters on Saturday and Sunday.

I took my usual Cataphract spamming Fist of Halaak, I think its becoming something of a joke now. Makeda2 who i’ve recently started playing, due to some influence from Trevor from Chain Attack, containing five heavies to smash people up from miles away. Finally Mordikaar, who I was persuaded to play about a week before when I was stressing over a third list that could cover matchups I didn’t want the Fist for. Out of the three the Fist was the only one I had real game time with. I’ve played a bit with Mordikaar and Makeda2 with slightly different builds but if i’m going to steal a list I should trust the people who made it. Any losses are mine not the lists.

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ETC 2014 – Day 2

Good morning to you too...

Good morning to you too…

Sunday mornings.

Game 4 – Peter Killam from Prime Phatkatsium

Xerxis vs eMorv in Close Quarters

So i’m again on the hot table thanks to Ryan and this time its Circle. Peter had eMorv and Cassius so once again no Zaal for me leaving me locked in for game 5 later. I can’t afford to chance it as hot table and eMorv would wreck Zaal.

I luck out on the roll and go first.

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The Welsh Open 2014 – Part 2 Day 1

The day started with breakfast at the Weatherspoons near train station, nice and relaxed with lots of tea. Always need more tea.

DISCLAIMER: Walls of text await

Game 1

So my first game was against Peter Hopkinson playing Circle. He had a lot of Ferals over his lists but no eMorvhanna, in the end he opted for a eKrueger theme force with a lot of Tharn and I went for pMakeda. I won the roll and went first. Scenario was Destruction.

Turn 1, I put Savagery on my Cetrati and Defenders Ward on the Nihilators. The Cetrati moved up in Shield Wall and my Nihilators ran, I Assaulted with my Sniped Mammoth hoping to get a cheeky scatter onto his AD Tharn but it went backwards. Pete began by having his Lord of the Feast use its bird lazer to teleport in and kill I three Nihilators. A Tharn Ravager Shaman Assaulted another Nihilator and got two with the Electro Leap. The rest of his army ran up but stayed out of my threat ranges.

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