WTC tryouts and BIG Tides of War

<wall of text post as I was too lazy/busy/forgot to take pictures, sorry!>

<also an extremly long post>

Another busy weekend of gaming just gone. First there was the tryouts for the English WTC team on the 24th up in Stockport. Followed by Bristol Indepentant Gamings first WmH tournament Tides of War Winter.

Starting with the WTC tryouts, once again myself and my best hobbit friend Ryan (we’re inseparable) went up to Stockport. Ryan was on the selection commitee and I had managed to qualify for the tryouts. Our weekend started early on Friday as we decided to spend the morning/afternoon driving up and chilling before getting some games in during the evening.

So my lists for the tryouts were the Fist (no surprise) and a Xerxis2 list I’d made for the lulz.

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New Year, SR/Masters 2015, ADR & Wales…

Happy New Year!

I only realise now that I should have written year of WmH post for the end of 2014 but oh well, you can have one now.

So 2014 was a great WmH year for me, lots of fun tournaments and people and… this is boring. Basically, I played the Fist of Halaak for the entire year adding more and more cataphracts until my Fistcuit tin (as people call it now) could hold no more. I Fisted and Fisted and Fisted some more until I got locked into my other lists and lost….

The new year will give me a fresh start so I can start playing different lists/casters from usual.

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