Battle Reports 2 – January 2014, Crunchie Time

Managed to get two games on Sunday with some club mates.

First game versus Ryan who brought his Circle down as his Legion were in pieces after he’d stripped all the paint from them. Ryan had chosen Kromac and seeing me intending to play the Xerxis T2 list immediately demanded I change, so I ended up using Makeda3. WHY!?


I’d won the roll and decided to go first, the picture above is the end of my turn 2 before the shit hit the fan. Kromac massively out threats my army and his Stalker has an easy time with my infantry. He traded Ghetorix for Molik, but to kill Ghetorix I had to get Makeda3 into him with Vortex so my Gladiator had enough damage. This left Makeda open to an assassination even with five transfers and a Warpath Primaled Pureblood and Kromac both went into Makeda and took her down.

Few things to take from this game, firstly Bestial, or no spells in general, shuts Makeda3 down. There was at one point what could have been a nice Eliminator Asassination but… Bestial. I shouldn’t let Ryan pick my list for me.

Also it was nice to see the double stone port in action, the last five games or so against Circle i’ve had were Morvhanna2. I also need to work on positioning my Incidiarii with my Gators as it often felt like they were each others way. After this game I decided to swap the Willbreaker for a Agonizer.

Game two was against Chris and Butcher 2, I asked him what list he wanted and he picked Makeda3. No Xerxis for me today it seems.

I again won the roll and went first. Chris chose to deploy his jacks against my beasts and his infantry against mine. First two turns weren’t very interesting as we just ran at each other and moved into position.


Above is the start of my third turn, Crunchie time. While i’d zoned Butcher2 out with Molik and Makeda3 he instead presented me with three Khador heavies, one of which was a Devastator. Essentially I could only win the scenario by taking his zone as my own was out of the question with that Devastator there. My Gladiator and Molik cleared both Kodiaks with help from Makedas Vortex despite the best attempts of my dice to mess up. I cleared the left zone to get a point and start scoring.

From this point i’d managed to do enough damage to his army to force Butcher to start moving forward, something Chris noted he should have done earlier despite the risks. He killed a couple Gators and contested the left zone and his Devastator slammed my Gladiator out of the right zone .

The remaining turns went quite quickly. My turn four cleared out his Winterguard to score another point while beating uselessly on the Devastator, Pow20 Combostrike did 6 damage :/. His turn four had Butcher Feat and kill some Incindiarii before attempting some damage on Makeda3 with a 3 Rage token Devstator but fail to contest the left zone so I ended up on three CP. I ended winning by clearing the right zone and getting two more CPs.

I must say actually being able to do stuff with Makeda makes for a much better game, god damn Bestial. I’m not sure what I could possibly do to a Devastator, maybe should have slammed it out with the Gladiator. Incindiarii are really good but again I need to work on their placement with the rest of my army. Butcher2 was hilarious and seems to be super fun.