Battle Reports: Welsh Masters 2015

<no pictures for this post, loads of games to play and people to see!>

This is my second try at the Welsh Masters, used to be Welsh Open. The first year I did pretty bad, coming 42nd so at the very least I wanted a better run this weekend. My lists for the weekend would be pXerxis Fist of Halaak and Rasheth Chain Gang.

Tyrant Xerxis (*5pts)Fist of Halaak T2
* Archidon (7pts)
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Arcuarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Cetrati (Leader and 5 Grunts) (10pts)
Cataphract Incindiarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Incindiarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Incindiarii (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer (3pts)

I’ve played this exact list for nearly a year and its become my comfort/crutch list. Experience and the list not being a normal Fist list has let me play it into many more matchups what look stupid on paper if you didn’t know what the list was. In case anyone is wondering, the Archidon is enough to fuel Xerxis as you will be most turns, camping 1Fury, riling the Archidon to 3Fury and cutting for 1Fury at the start of your next turn. Not a problem since Xerxis has nineteen boxes.

Dominar Rasheth (*5pts) – Chain Gang T4
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (7pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Venators Reivers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
* Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Paingiver Task Master (2pts)

Messed around with this Rasheth list last weekend and all in all I actually quite liked it. I would use it as my primary Legion drop, unless they don’t have pVayl, but everyone has pVayl because she’s broken as f**k.

For the weekend I had a simple list of things I didn’t want to see over the other side of the table. Cygnar (totes srs!), Body & Soul and eSev. Any of those things would most likely ruin my day as neither of my lists would work vs ‘normal’ versions of those Casters lists. The fact that Legion and Cryx were the 1st and 2nd most popular factions at the event didn’t help.

Friday Practice…

Practice 1 – Ben Duggan

Rasheth vs pVayl in Close Quarters

Yay pVayl…. Played Duggs once before at last years ETC. Neither of us had anything to do so we set up a game. I’m very fuzzy on this game so hopefully Duggs can correct me later.

So essentially I managed to Feat and Bloodmark a Scythean and shoot it off the board turn2. Then Duggs went for some crazy Assassination shit with Seraph, Typhon etc on a Aura’d Rasheth with 3 transfers because pVayl got a crit stationary, and got me down to 4 boxes and walked away because pVayl feat is OP. Rest of the game was me beating the shit out of Duggs stuff because he deserved it.

God I hate pVayl.

Practice 2 – Phil Shaw

pXerxis vs Siege in Incoming

Yay Siege…. Phil came up to me and was like, ‘yo, want a game?’ I gave him a blank look as I knew he had Siege school bus and Haley2. Sigh. Phil won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, Phil runs all his stuff up. I do the same.

Turn 2, Phil Feats and has his army kill everything inside Sieges Ctrl. On my turn Xerxis slams a charger over Siege that he’d put there to stop a direct drag onto Siege. I managed to get two shots into Siege but neither did damage so no drag. GG

Turn 3, Xerxis dies.

Much fun, I got to put models down then take them off :P. Tbh all I was aiming for was a drag assassination as I didn’t have any real chance to jam him or get his chargers out from their trenches.

Day 1

Game 1 – Nathan Hoole

pXerxis vs eMadrak in Destruction

First ever game against Nathan, he brought pDoomy and eMadrak. My default drop is Xerxis as pDoomy would wreck Rasheth. Nathan opted in the end to go for eMadrak and I won the roll off and went first. This game was streamed but I believe it cut out near the end, hopefully Owen will have the recording uploaded later so I can post a link here.

Turn 1, I run everything up the board. Nathan sends a unit of Fire Eaters down each side rest of his army moves up.

Turn 2, I shoot a few Fenns, have my Cetrati get into the zone and pop Feat. I manage to take out a Fire Eater on the right side. Nathan has his Fire Eaters go in and kill a few Cataphracts on both sides, as well as set a lot of my models on fire. Fell Caller gave his Pygs +2 and they charged into my front line dealing some damage. A few Fenns also went in and kill some more Cataphracts. Overall I got off quite lightly thanks to a defensive Feat.

Turn 3, most of the fire stays. Xerxis goes in and kills a few Pygs before moving back. I manage to clear out the Fire Eaters on both sides. I attempt to clear the Zone but fail as Pendrake survives. Nathan charges his Fenns back into my lines dealing a bit of damage. Bomber and Impaler throw some shots into my squishy stuff behind the Cetrati. eMadrak then Feats to get the Fenns to kill a couple Cetrati before Madrak goes in and kills a few more himself.

Turn 4, with Madrak hiding behind a few Krielstone dudes and Pendrake I opted to see if I could fish for an assassination. I cleared out the zone anyway and managed to have a three-man CRA left to drag in Madrak who with one transfer got eaten by the Archidon. Still has Xerxis left to go if he survived. Assassination victory.

Firstly, I’ve discovered after getting back home that Madrak doesn’t suffer the drag if he can Grim Salvation. During the game I checked and we assumed it didn’t stop effects from triggering, so I’d need at least a 2nd drag shot to get Madrak in. That would be one 2manCRA and one aiming shot which is a lot less certain than a 3man aiming CRA. So I’m sorry that there was an unintentional assassinaton there. Otherwise I’m fairly certain I kill his Bomber and Impaler so thats fine too :p.

Thanks to Nathan for a really fun smooth game, would totes play again.

Game 2 – Rhys Phillips

pXerxis vs Zaal in Recon

Urgh, very unfortunate I had to play Rhys in R2 as he’s my fellow Scone buddy. Rhys had Fist and Zaal, and opted to drop Zaal into my Fist, I was never going to drop Rasheth. I won the rolloff and went first.

Turn 1, I run everything up the board. Rhys does the same.

Turn 2, Xerxis puts up Inhospitable Ground. Cataphracts start shooting the Nihilators. With IG up Rhys can’t get too many models into me and so runs most of his army up, one Last Standed Nihilator does kill two Incindiarii.

Turn 3, I forget to reave fury /facepalm. Xerxis Feats instead of using IG and manages to kill a Kovaas that spawned from a AG I dragged in. I Keep shooting and killing as many of Rhys models but he has Shamblers all over the place. Rhys pops Feat and charges Nihilators in to Berserk kill my Cataphracts, but due to some really bad dice, neither Nihilator kills their charge target. Hakaar clears out some Cataphracts, Rhys starts working down my right side so he can go for the flag.

Turn 4, I clear out as much as possible and aim to get to my own flag. Xerxis and some Arcuarii kill Hakaar and the Kovaas. Rhys manages to clear out the right side and runs Zaal to the flag.

I’ll condense the last few turns. I get Xerxis to my flag and continue to contest Zaals. I eventually manage to clear out the shamblers from the central zone and take out the objective and win via scenario. Without his Nihilators Rhys couldn’t get enough of my Cataphracts and I never allowed him a Kovaas.

After I forgot to take Fury and my Archidon frenzied I had no business doing as well as I did. If I had done it properly and managed to get IG up then that would have been a proper game.

Game 3 – Terry Slade

pXerxis vs pSkarre in Two Fronts

Urgh, very unfortunate Terry again so soon. Terry had pSkarre and Shade3, and we’ve played the Shade3 game before which didn’t go well for Terry. So pSkarre it is. Terry won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, Terry runs everything forward. Soulhunters to my right, Riders to the left. As the Soulhunters were so quick one of them was too far forward and I manage to get a Press Forward shot onto one of them with a unit of Incindiarii which kills it. I set another on fire which burns to death next turn. Xerxis Defenders Wards my Cetrati, uses IG and walks in front of my army to stop any charges from his Soul Hunters. Rest of my army runs up with the Cetrati going to the left zone.

Turn 2, Terry spreads his army around the left zone ready to clear it out when I put models in, he runs one cheeky Bane Knight at me. Xerxis puts up IG again as nothing can get to him while Incidiarii shoot down another Soulhunter and a Rider. I put my Cetrati into the left zone hoping they hold. I clear the left zone of any Knights and move a sacrificial unit of Incindiarii up to block lines to my Cetrati.

Turn 3, Terry has to commit or I’ll just kill more of his stuff with guns. Skarre Feats and moves into the middle of the board. Riders charge and kill my Incindiarii but fail to kill the objective which stops some of his Knights getting into my Cetrati. Tarterus curses my Cetrati and the Knights going in killing some of my Cetrati but I still hold the zone. I couter Feat with Xerxis who clears out three Knights with Overtake then Sprints to the middle. My Arcuarii charge and clear out three Riders and most of the Knights. I can’t get to three Knights at the back but set them on fire (2 go out), I charge a Cetrati at Tarterus hoping to kill him but I miss the attack. On the right zone I continue to toe the zone and clear out what I can of Mechanithralls.

Turn 4, Tarterus clears out three Cataphracts, the knights and Rider take out a few more. Terry tries to clear his own zone but one Cataphract contests. In return I clear out my zone and dominate for 1CP.

Turn 5+, I’m in a very dominating position from this point onwards we continue to contest each others zones but eventually Terry runs out of things to contest and I win via Scenario.

Glad I stuck to the plan. Kept up IG early to stop charges and shot what I could. Saved my own Feat to counter Skarres and kill his stuff regardless of the +5Arm.

Game 4 – Ioan Wigley

Rasheth vs pThagrosh in Incoming

Played Ioan the week before in a practice game, also with my Rasheth list so he already knew what I was going to drop as he also had pVayl. He opted for Thags which surprised me but was still ok.

Turn 1, I ran forwards fairly aggressively. Ioan spreads out his striders around his zone the heavies move up the middle.

Turn 2, I send in a Gator into his Seraph and Zuriel and force a Terror check onto the Striders but they pass. I manage to get the Sunder Spirit onto the Carnivean to set me up for the next turn. Sentrys move up with locker. Ioan kils the two Gators with Zuriel and his Carnivean, spawns a Shredder from the pot to get Tenacity instead. Sythean charges into a Sentry dealing good damage Ioan tries to send in the Seraph but double Locker stops it.

Turn 3, I have a Gator charge the Seraph and kill a few Striders, the Gator on the Seraph misses the charge despite rerolls and deals no damage at all. Krea uses Animus next to the Seraph and paralyzes the Carnivean. I have my Sentry try to kill the Seraph with Carnivore to RFP but roll crap and it lives. This is where I go totally on tilt. I’d run an Agonizer up to get LoS to Forsaken I then have Rasheth Feat and cycle Carnivore to the other Sentry and arc a Sunder to kill the Forsaken. While checking LoS the tassle on the laser sight catches the Carnivean and flips it over, FFS GG. After this my other Sentry misses four attacks on the Scythean and it also lives. Reivers shoot Ioans Carnivean. Ioan explodes the Forsaken and with the Scythean that lived, kills both Sentries. Carnivean moves up and kills the Krea. Thags moves into my zone and dominates for 2CP.

Turn 4, 2 heavies down Gladitor moves in and cleans up the Scythean and Carnivean but its too late for me. Thags kills the Gladiator and goes up to 4CP. I tap out at T5 really frustrated.

It was a good game up until I flipped the Carnivean after that the dice fail on the Scythean on top of the Seraph was too much. I should have been able to kill both but got neither. Pretty upset after this game. No idea how I manage to flip a metal Carnivean but obviously I’m rather special.

Went out for some food with some of the other guys from Team CAT FACE then relaxed with ice cream, then I find out I have Legion again tomorrow morning. Rekt.

Day 2

Game 5 – James Cooke-Rogers

Rasheth vs pVayl in Close Quarters

First time game for me and James, I drop Rasheth because pVayl. I wasn’t looking forward to this game as there was a forest between the two flags which wasn’t going to help me at all. James won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, James runs everything up the board. I have the Reivers on the right to guard my own flag if he tries to take it. Everything else heads towards the left.

Turn 2, James sends a few Hex Hunters forward to do some Hex Bolts, but otherwise holds back for next turn. I do much the same only commiting a couple Gators and a channeled BoC to kill some Hex Hunters.

Turn 3, James starts by Slipstreaming Zuriel who walks up and sprays over my Titans to get Rasheth on fire and kill my Agonizer. Typhon then goes up and sprays onto the Sentries dealing some more damage. Vayl then moves up pops Incite, Leashes Typhon to clear a lane and sends in a Scythean to kill a Sentry. The Pot spawns a harrier which kills a contesting Reiver and sprints onto my flag. James moves his stuff back to his flag and scores 2CP. Very bad, I’m a Sentry down. I have my Gators and Gladiator move up and kill blocking Hex Hunters. Rasheth Feats and channels a BoC to kill a blocking Hex Hunter and one engaging him. I run an Agoniser up wailing -2 damage, then charge my Sentry between his Scythean and Typhon. With Locker and a Hex Hunter in the way he can’t get Typhon to toss me but the Scytean would have been close to taking out my spirit had I not run that Agoniser up. The Sentry takes out the Scythean this time. My Krea paralyzes Zuriel and my Reiers use CRA’s to take him out.

Turn 4, James spawns a Shredder that leaves my Agonizer on 1box, his remaining Hex Hunter walks over and finishes it off. James begins to move Typhon into my Sentry but as i’ve Locker up and theres a flag base in the way he can’t get to me or spray me. The Seraph shoots a couple of my Reivers. I start  by having my Sentry use Locker again, which triggers a Dark Sentinel shot from the Seraph dealing a few points. I then try my best to bop Typhon dealing a bit of damage. I send in my Gators after this and with Carnivore take Typhon out. I channel a Blood Mark onto the Seraph after paralysing it with a Krea, remaining Reivers nearly kill it.

Turn 5, James goes for an assassination. Vayl moves up and starts slinging Malices at Rasheth last one spikes majorly and I have to take it leaving me on 6 boxes. He moves his pot up to spawn a Stinger but it misses its own attacks and he only has two corpses. Otherwise I’d be left on no transfers and burning from Zuriel earlier. Gators eat Vayl, assassination win.

I hate pVayl so much, and I hate Rasheth too! Fat bastard dies to pretty much anything, got so lucky off the pot failing to spawn. Every pVayl game is just a nightmare for me as she takes everything you love and then runs away.  Glad the Reivers worked out in the list killing both Zuriel and nearly the Seraph in combination with the Krea. It’ll be ever better once I get the Aradus, hopefully….

Game 6 – James Gradwell

pXerxis vs eSorcha in Fire Support

Circle Jim, not playing Circle anymore. This would be our second game, the first being a practice game and my first ever game against Bradigus. James took eSorcha while I was always going to drop Fist. I won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, I run everything up with the majority of my Incindiarii heading towards Jims Winterguard on the left. Jim has his Nyss head to the right hiding behind some buildings. Winterguard move up the left side cautiously. Jim moves Sorcha, Great Bears, Ruin and his Juggernaught up behind a trio of Valachev TAC clouds.

Turn 2, I inch up a bit to my own flag and have Xerxis put up IG and fire off a couple of shots hoping for scatters. James moves up behind his clouds again. Winterguard fire off some shots damaging a couple of Incindiarii otherwise uneventful.


Turn 3, I send a couple of Incindiarii to shoot Jims Juggernaut and set a Bear on fire, one shot manages to hit Valachev and kill him. Incindiarii move up on the left and kill two Winterguard. Xexis puts up Inhospitable Ground again. Jim moves up again behind his clouds. Winterguard spread and he sends another four up to try take out another Incindiarii. Nyss start moving out from the right side. Jim sends in a Bear to kill the two Incindiarii who set him on fire but misses his charge and fails to kill with the backswing. Sorcha Boosts a Freezing Grip onto my Cetrati from max range which hits.

Turn 4, Jim has put a Winterguard in front of Sorcha so I try for something a bit cheeky. Xerxis charges the Winterguard and does a combo-smite needing a 5+ to knock Sorcha down but it doesn’t go far enough. Xerxis kills a TAC, Feats and Sprints back to safety. My Incindiarii keep shooting the Winterguard and I drag in the two remaining TAC with Arcuarii. Jim has his Winterguard keep shooting my Cataphracts. Bears charge in and take out a couple of Incindiarii that tried to set Sorcha on fire. He charges in his Juggernaut onto two Cetrati and kills them both. Nyss start charging engaging my Cataphracts on the right side killing a couple.

Turn 5, Xerxis puts Fury on a unit of Arcuarii, kills two Great Bears and Sprints to my flag. The Arcuarii wreck the Juggernaut. Incindiarii kill more Winterguard. Jim sends a Winterguard to contest my flag and gets Sorcha onto her own. Nyss keep fighting with my Cataphracts. Ruin goes in and kills everything within reach, about five Cataphracts.

Turn 6+, game boils down to me killing ruin with the unit of Fury’d Arcuarii then continuously clearing my flag until Jim had nothing left to contest so I can score on his turn as well. Jim tries for one last assasination run but it doesn’t go off. Scenario win.

It was a very long game, Jim worked himself down to 1minute on the clock by the end. Thankfully I had less problems to deal with and could go a bit faster. Very happy at this point to have gone 5-1.

Game 7 – Paul North

pXerxis vs Gaspy2 in Outflank

Final boss, Paul North. Played him once before, Fist vs eFeora which didn’t go well for Paul. He opted for Gaspy2 instead of pSkarre which I can understand. Paul won first turn but I got to choose sides. One of the zones had two forests in it which would allow Paul to hide all of his Banes behind an unbroken cloudwall and the forests so I gave him the side where the forests would be further back so that I could get further into the zone myself.

Turn 1, Paul heads straight for the double forest zone and sends his Raiders into the left zone. I’ve deployed most of my army to meet the Banes on the right while my Cetrati head off to make sure Paul can’t take the left zone and score from both.

Turn 2, Paul puts down clouds further into the zone with all his Banes behind it ready for turn 3. I run Arcuarii around the edges of the zone and manage to get two behind a forest out of charge LoS of his Knights. Xerxis Feats defensively.


Turn 3, Paul charges my Cataphracts, three Knights go into 2 Arcuarii but leave one alive. Tarterus charges a Knight in the forest to get to the two Arcuarii I tried to hide and kills one. Bile Thralls spray onto both surviving Arcuarii but one lives and Paul can’t take the zone and dominate for 2 so Gaspy puts up clouds to stop me shooting his stuff. On the left side Paul charges his Raiders into my Cetrati but even without Sheild wall they’re Arm20 and he only dings up a few of them. A Bile Thrall purges all over my stuff getting a lot corroded. I spend a bunch of time sorting out corrosion damage. I clear out the Knights from the previous surviving Arcuarii who manages to charge and kill Tarterus. I shoot and kill what I can of the Knights and have Xerxis walk up and use Inhospitable Ground. Cetrati start the long job of killing the Raiders in the left zone.

Turn 4, Paul has his Biles continue to Purge over my Cataphracts before sending in Bane Knights but can’t quite clear the zone each time. He’s running out of Knights and his Thralls won’t get to me so long as I have IG up. Gaspy puts down more clouds and Paul starts playing to stall me out as he’s got 25mins to my 18 and I still have corrossion to deal with every turn. I Press Foward two units of Arcuarii who walk into the clouds and shoot Biles and Thralls setting quite a few on fire.

Turn 5, Paul sends his Thralls in to kill the Cataphracts that walked up earlier. Gaspy Feats and clears out a bunch more Cataphracts and puts up clouds. With the Feat gone I send in Xerxis to clear out the remaining Banes with sprint so my Cataphracts can move up further.

Turn 6, Paul hides his Arc node inside the forest toeing the zone but being more than 3″ in so I can’t see it, urgh. Finally on the left side I’ve cleared out everything from it with the Cetrati and unit of Incindiarii there so I camp five and start running Xerxis over.

Turn 7+, Paul does what he can but can’t stop me scoring in his turn so I win via Scenario with 8minutes left on the clock. Phew.

definitely the hardest game I had all weekend due to the clouds. What ultimately saved me was Pauls misfortune with the Bane Knight not killing that one Arcuarii who then took out Tarterus. Had Paul managed to score 2CP that turn then he could have gone for a scenario rush with Feat clearing the zone another two times.


Finished 6-1 and came 5th in the standings! Personal best result and I finally managed to get a best in faction patch! Ryan also came 6th getting best in Cygnar! Also our team managed to take 4th in the team rankings! GO TEAM CAT FACE!

Tbh, I’m really lucky I managed to dodge a few of the other players in the same brackets as all the Cygnar players were running Siege and there was a Body and Soul Cryx running around which all would have been auto-losses baring some crazy dice or derps, which isn’t something I ever intend to rely on. List wise i’ll most likely change the Rasheth list around once Aradus come out. The Fist will stay the same as it hasn’t let me down so far!

Couple weeks of down time then off to the Birmingham games expo for another three days of gaming! Think I’ll try to get some Guild Ball in while I can.





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