The Salt Must Flow…

So this will actually be the fourth time I’ve attempted to write this post and to be honest I’ve given up on trying to make it sound reasonable with proper explanations so I’ll just rant. If you disagree with what I’ve written below, keep it to yourself, thanks.

Don't mind me. Just enjoying my salt

Don’t mind me. Just enjoying my salt

I dislike the change in Masters format from 3list to 2list. When it first came out I wrote a post which briefly covered my initial dislike of the change which over time has not changed. Masters to me is now just a glorified Steamroller with a different timing system which has killed some of my enjoyment in the lead up to each Masters event. Its just more of the same only it happens to be over two days rather than one. Thankfully Masters events are large enough so I get to see people I otherwise would not or I’d likely just bail and play some DoTA. I would like Masters to go back to three lists or at least provide the option of being three list, maybe based on number of rounds. I can totally understand 2list four round Masters, but 2lists over seven rounds gets boring pretty fast.

I dislike the way 2list has affected my list builds and the way it, at least on the surface, seems to be condensing the meta into a very small set of Casters. Gone is the idea that you can have two solid lists and a janky 3rd to cover some otherwise awkward matchups. Now everything has to be covered with two lists and I’m finding it extremely difficult to decide. This is immediately before the Welsh Masters but i’ve basically given up on the idea that I can play against everything. I’ve chosen my lists and I now have to pray I’ll dodge certain Casters (I’m not telling before the event :p!) or I’ll get REKT. Not good for my nerves. I also expect to see a lot of the same pairings again and again and again, something I myself will be guilty of because guess what! I’m in the same stupid situation.

Finally, I dislike Active Duty Roster. Not the idea, I think the idea is a sound way to have those Casters get more board time. I believe it shouldn’t be in Masters, and quite frankly some of the choices on the list are bizarre. ADR seems more of a quirky mini format like Spelldraft. I have no suggestions as to how PP can ‘fix’ it because tbh it’s ultimately up to them, but this experiment is wierd and I’ll be glad to see the end of it, or moved out of Masters.

Sigh, rant over.

All in all there are a lot of small factors salting me up, and I understand there is no easy or immediate fix but I’m rather glad to get this rant out before the Welsh. I believe it’ll be for the best when I eventually give up caring about the matchups and just get rekt as the situation dictates. With some luck after this weekend I’ll feel much more positive and geared up for the game, its hard not to after a large event, until then the salt keeps flowing.


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