Battle Reports: Last Minute Welsh Practice at Firestorm – 9th May, & bonus game from the Hobbit

Firestorm ran another 50pt Masters format event as a WTC fundraiser and with the Welsh Masters is less than a week away so off I went with the usual team CAT FACE members for some fun. Being Masters format there would obviously be some ADR going on, and as I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun I took Rasheth and pMakeda because they’re on the ADR list… from July, oh. Derp, I need to stop doing wierd list things like that but tbh I really wanted to play something drastically different before the Welsh and getting some playtime with next season ADR casters is killing two birds with one stone.

My lists for the day would be:

Dominar Rasheth (*5pts) – Chain Gang T4
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Titan Gladiator (7pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Venators Reivers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
* Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Paingiver Task Master (2pts)

The Rasheth list is a concept test for me to see how well Reivers work with him. With Rasheth being ADR from July and the gun bugs coming out at some point after that I figured now would be a good time to test out Rasheth gunlines. I have also been enjoying Reivers recently, as they’re part of one of the eXerxis lists i’ve been messing around with.

Archdomina Makeda (*5pts)
* Cyclops Shaman (5pts)
* Archidon (7pts)
* Molik Karn (11pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
Cataphract Cetrati (Leader and 5 Grunts) (11pts)
Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) (1pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

In all honesty I didn’t put much thought into the pMakeda list, it is just a collection of models/units that work well with her. Only thing of note is the Shaman, as by the look of things pMak is likely to be next seasons Cryx drop.

Round 1 – Martyn Jenkins

pMakeda vs Harbinger in Recon

Shit, submarine confirmed. So Martyn is playing all nice like, and has pFeora and Harbinger. I don’t have much choice in the matter and drop pMakeda as I might as well get her out of the way. Martyn drops his double Bastion Harbinger monstrosity as I assumed he would and we get cracking. I believe I won the dice roll and opted to go first.

Turn 1, I run what I can forward and have Makeda Defenders Ward the Cetrati and Savagery Molik. Martyn does the same with his army, Harby Feats.

Turn 2, so I’m in this wierd dilemma where if I put something into the zone it’ll get charged by a bunch of weapon masters, and as one of them is a seneschal, will most likely also be slammed out if it survives. I have Molik bounce around and kill a few Holy Zealots because I can and otherwise don’t contest the zone. Martyn has his Errants go in and smack my Objective a couple of them dying but they do succeed in taking it down. Afterwards he runs his Bastions and Zealots around and to the right of the zone, Harby charges up to get to the right flag and Martyn scores 3CP.

Turn 3, I have Makeda use Carnage and Savagery the Nihilators. Basically my army moves up and tries to kill what it can but ultimately Martyn has Harby Martyr almost everything. I also forget to Feat this turn which is a problem. Martyn clears out pretty much all of my Infantry and scores up to 4CP.

Turn 4, I look at the table for a bit then just call it as he’ll score on my turn regardless what I do as there’s Bastions everywhere around it.

Conclusion, pretty bad for me I think. No ranged threat in the list to keep Harby a bit more honest and forgetting to Feat was also pretty bad. Still unsure if I should have put a heavy into the zone, my the Gladiator, as he’d most likely still have killed it and without it I’d not win the long game either. Also unsure if Rasheth would have been a better choice but I went with the idea that in ADR pMak would probs have Incindiarii in specialists, so chances are I would still be using pMakeda. Tbh forgetting to feat proves I need more time with her which I’ll do my best to get after Welsh.

Round 2 – Ioan Wigley

Rasheth vs pVayl in Two Fronts

Yay, pVayl. Can’t remember what his other list was but why on earth would you not pVayl? So I dropped Rasheth as he’d be a default Legion drop. I lost the roll off and went second.

Turn 1, Ioan runs everything up super quickly. On my turn I have my Sentries walk up and use Locker on each other. Gators and Krea make a line to protect my Reivers from getting destroyed by Ioans Striders. The Reiver standard does his duty and runs up the board to a Forsaken so that Rasheth can explode him into a Sunder Spirit killing the Forsaken.

Turn 2, Ioan has his Striders CRA and his Ravagore shoot my Gators killing one and heavily damaging another. He gets a Rampager off but the double Locker foils the move so he it just tries to hit a Gator and misses. His Angels shuffle around a bit but he makes a mistake with the positioning of one of his Angels which doesn’t contest my zone. Next turn i’m going to get smashed so Rasheth Feats and Bloodmarks Typhon. Sentries move up into the zone to protect Rasheth. Reivers move up, mini Feat and start shooting Typhon but as he has excessive healing I only deal like 10 damage. A few shots also go into his Ravagore. I score 1CP.

Turn 3, Ioan sends his Angel in to try and kill the Krea but leaves it on one box. Typhon starts spraying my Gators but the Krea buff keeps them alive. Striders use another CRA to kill a Gator. He uses his Feat to back off away from my Titans but leaves one Angel contesting my Zone with Tenacity. My krea who managed to live walks up and successfully paralyzes the contesting Angel which gets smashed by a Sentry. Reivers keep using CRA and shooting his heavies. A Gator goes into his other heavy and deals a few points of damage. I score up to 2CP.

Turn 4, Vayl rampagers the sentry that killed the angel into Typhon who then eats it. A Shredder goes in and kills a Agonizer. His Remaining Angel gets into my Sentry with a AP bit and takes it to about half health. I have my Gladiator kill the Shredder while my Sentry takes out the remaining Angel. Reivers continue to put shots into Typhon as theres nothing better to do. I do clear the zone and get to 3CP.

Turn 4, Typhon gets into my Gladiator with Incite and kills it easily, buying a few more attacks onto my Sentry. Sentry turns and kills Typhon and puts up Locker. I score up to 4CP.

Turn 5, only thing that can reasonably contest the zone is Ioans Ravagore which has been shooting my heavies all this time but due to Locker he can’t get in to contest so I score and win on his turn.

Well that was too close for comfort. All that was left on the table for me was a Sentry, Paingivers and a couple Reivers, to Ioans Ravagore and handful of Striders. I thought the Reivers were pretty good but its not like the extra damage they did was what allowed me to kill a heavy as tbh as long as I hit them most Legion Heavies just die regardless. When the bugs come out I’d most likely reach for them as they’re a lot tankier and can boost. But it was worth trying out, I think Reivers have a place, if only they weren’t 5/9pts for min/max unit, grumble grumble.

Round 3 – Aaron Boyham

Rasheth vs Kaelyssa in Fire Support

Aaron was running Kaalyssa and Rahn ADR and went for Kaelyssa. I opted for Rasheth because he has Castigate and to stop Arcing and was hoping to get some shots in with the Reivers where I could. I lost the die roll but ended up going first.

Turn 1, my army runs up but I have my Gators run all the way from the left to the right because Aaron had put his Strike Force as far away as he could from them. Aaron moves up in position to charge me turn 2.

Turn 2, I just bunker up with my force and arc a BoC to try and drift it onto A&H but it kills some Sentinels. Reivers shoot a few more down. Rasheth Feats. Strike Force move up to kill a couple Reivers and ding up my Gators. Mage Hunter Assassin managed to pass Terror and hit my Gator but rolls low on damage so it surivives on 2boxes. Sentinels charge and kill my objective. Dahlia sits on the flag and Kaeylssa Feats to reduce my counter. Aaron goes up to 2CP.

Turn 3, I have my Gators do a run/charge at things outside of Feat getting one Gator past his strike force to get to A&H, while the rest eat three Strike force. My Titans move up to contest my flag and beat up a load of Sentinels. Rasheth channels a BoC and which hits and kills both A&H. Aaron can’t allocate due to my agoniser but his surviving Sentinel has Vengeance which ends up missing. His Strike Force shoot my Gators a bit more. An Arcanist moves up to powerboost his Phoenix which slams my Gladiator away from the flag so I have nothing contesting. My agonizer goes down to his Banshee. Aaron scores up to 4CP as Kaeylssa walks onto the flag and puts Banishing Ward on herself.

Turn 4, Gators eat a few more Strike Force and I get an amazing idea. My Gladiator slams Aarons Phoenix back, and it goes far enough to pass over the flag and knock Kaelyssa down. Reivers do a 5man CRA and shoot Kaeylssa for a few points, I then charge a Sentry at her but forget to Enrage it so she lives on 2 boxes… oh. Rasheth channels a BoC onto the KD’d Phoenix to catch Kaelyssa but fluffs the damage and she lives. Aaron powers up his jacks and has them try and clear my Titans but even with Kaeylssa stealing my Fury to boost Aaron didn’t manage to get a single one but did take out a few Aspects.

Turn 5, Rasheth boosts a BoC into the back of my Sentry which gets Kaelyssa and kills her. Assassination win.

Stupid me is stupid, forgetting to Enrage was the dumbest thing I did all day. Thankfully ARM21 titans are hard to kill and I didn’t lose on scenario. Forgetting to put one Sentry within 4 of my Flag also let Aaron get 2CP up which could have been 3CP if he opted to not Feat. Don’t think that would have been a good idea either. Regardless I was happy as this was our fourth game and I’d finally managed to win one.

Round 4 – Anthony Shaw

pMakeda vs Butcher2 in Outflank

So Anthony finally brought the disgusting Butcher2 theme force along, 48 Doom Reavers. Yay. The only choice I had was pMakeda and I lost the roll to go first. Bad times.

Turn 1, Anthony runs everything up the board. I have to move up much more cautiously, Defenders Ward goes onto the Nilhilators which cloud up in front, Savagery onto Molik who walks up with Rush and kills three Reavers who walked too far. Makeda also Feated.

Turn 2, Anthony opted to not bother killing my Nihilators, damn it, and just ran a few to engage me. I have Makeda walk in with Carnage and kill three Reavers to unjam my Nihilators. My Shaman walks up and pokes another one dead. Nihilators walk up and kill some more. Molik kills a few more. I contest both zones but I already know it won’t be enough.

Turn 3, Anthony clears both zones of contesting Cetrati and Nihilators. He nearly got into my second row of Nihilators three Reavers couldn’t hit my one middle Nihilator needing 8’s. He scores 3CP. On my turn I kill even more doom reavers. Gladiator does a crazy Grand Slam onto his Jack following it up into the zone and destroying it.

Turn 4, Anthony kills my Gladiator with Butcher2, Molik with 4 reavers and my Archidon with a few more. I’m still contesting one zone so Anthony only goes up to 4CP. I can only really win by killing Butcher2 or praying Anthony gets shit dice. I try to go for an assassination but fail it and Anthony wins via scenario on my turn.

Urrgh, that was horrible. Going second was horrible as he was already past the half way line. The scenario being Outflank also did not help as I couldn’t keep both zones as Fenris was in one and B2 the other. Didn’t do too bad on the kill count though, killed his only Jack and about 40 Reavers but that really isn’t enough. The scenario pressure the list puts out is huge. OH WELL.


Finished the day 2-2 which is pretty good, both losses were with pMakeda but I don’t think that was due to any fault of hers. Playing her into Harby or Mad Dogs is going to be rough and Rasheth would have just folded. As for the Rasheth list i’m ok with it, can’t see how it’ll work too well in ADR being a theme force and all. Will most likely end up going for pMorgs if I do use ADR as he’d benefit from the flexiblity much more imo.

Next post will be the Welsh Masters!

BONUS ROUND! – Ryan Evans vs Terry Slade

<The following is written by my good Hobbit Ryan Evans who also played in the event! He was on top table and there was a really funny finish to the game and he agreed to write up a report!>

Game 4 – Outflank – Haley2 vs Goreshade3

Looking over my opponents lists he had Skarre1 / Goreshade3, both with a unit each of Soulhunters and Bane Riders, and then different trimmings.  I didn’t expect Skarre1 (Siege’s feat trumps Skarre1 feating defensively, and Haley2 time-walk feat trumps her feating defensively too).  I know I can play Siege into Goreshade3 (the manly man is pretty resilient to the Siphon Bolt assassination run) so I wanted to play Haley2 to see how it plays out, this was partly influenced by the scenario as Haley2 can play Outflank better than Siege can IMO.

Despite having Anastasia, I lose the roll off and get to pick sides, so I pick the side with a large-ish (3”x5” ish) house near the left zone, planning to use it to hide solos / Blazers etc behind for easy contests of the left zone, and play hard for the right zone.

Top of 1, Soulhunters get Scything Touch, Goreshade gets Occultation, Deathjack gets Infernal Machine, and everything pretty much hurtles up field as fast as possible, barring a Scarlock and a Pistol Wraith that hang back a bit.  It’s a good play with a fast army vs Haley2 as I don’t really want to feat defensively bottom of Turn 1, but equally I don’t want my army to get wrecked by his charging cavalry / Deathjack etc, so I have to feat.

 Bottom of 1, Stormwall gets 4, Haley kicks the Squire and keeps 5.  Storm Lances get Dead Eyed, Stormwall gets Temporal Accelerated, Haley shuffles up and Feats.  Lances assault Soulhunters, killing one with Deadeye’d Assault Shots.  Blazers plink out a couple of Blackbanes.  Stormwall dismounts Darragh Wrathe with the Big Guns, and then kills off a Bane Rider with Metal Storm shots.  Gorman pops smoke next to Stormwall to block LOS to Haley2 so she doesn’t get spell assassinated by Goreshade3.  Everything else runs up.

Top of 2, fair bit of durdling due to Haley2 Feat, 2 Soulhunters push into the Lances to deny them the charge bonus next turn, Bane Riders and Deathjack form up to threaten Stormwall next turn, Darragh Wrath puts up Beyond Death, Withershadow Puppet Strings the Pistol Wraith who proceeds to Death Chill my Stormwall as expected.

Bottom of 2, Stormwall gets 4 again, Haley keeps 5.  Due to Feat there’s a fair bit of space between Deathjack and my Stormwall, so I decide to capitalise on the left and kill the Bane Riders where I can, which will limit his ability to clear the Blazers before Deathjack activates, hopefully meaning Deathjack can’t get into Stormwall.  Admonia is uncomfortably close to being able to disbind Arcane Shield (measuring Haley’s control area it looks like it’s around 11” away, so either just in or just out), so Darragh has to die to take away Death Ride.  Stormwall gets Temporal Accelerated, and Blazers get Deadeye’ed.  Blazers abuse Deathjack’s 360 LOS by having the leader (who started engaged with Deathjack) advance around his melee range to maximum distance behind him, allowing another Blazer to go the full 9” directly towards the Scarlock, others shuffled up, the Deadeye’d Brutal Damage shot kills the Scarlock a treat, whilst the 3 unengaged Blazers put shots into Blackbanes and kill off a Bane Rider, 2 Light Cav move to block Deathjack’s lane to Stormwall.  Stormwall kills Darragh’s dismount, the Pistol Wraith, and then finishes off the Bane Riders with remaining Metal Storm shots.  Pod kills a Soulhunter to free up 2 Lances to charge.  Stormblade Captain charges the other Soulhunter (whose tying up 3 Lances) and kills him off.  Lances get an Assault order, missing all the Assault shots, but finishing off the remaining Soulhunters with charges.  Gorman drops a cloud again to block LOS to Haley to keep the assassination off the cards.  Ragman Bone Shakers a Blackbane to go hit another Blackbane, but they’re bad at hitting each other.  No CP’s scored (IIRC a Blackbane was contesting the zone).

Top of 3, both units of cav are down, but Goreshade3 is still formidable.  He has a free spell from Ragman casting Bone Shaker and Admonia can possibly knock off Arcane Shield.  This turn is pretty much make or break.  Goreshade keeps all his Focus, free upkeep keeps Infernal Machine in play on Deathjack.  Blackbanes run ready to feat on the Lances, Gorman and Haley2.  Admonia goes and advances her full 6” directly toward Stormwall, and ends up about 1/8” out on Disbinding, time to change tacts (no point charging Stormwall with Goreshade3 with Arcane Shield still up), he feats on the 2 Lances in his control area to stationary them and charges a Blazer in the left zone easily murdering him, though ends up out of range to Siphon Bolt another Blazer in the zone.  Deathjack kills another 2 Blazers, though the last one in the zone doesn’t flee (due to Tough/Fearless from Rhupert).  No CP’s scored.

Bottom of 3, despite having 2 Stationary Lances in the right zone I can still get to the remaining contesting models and with just Deathjack in the left I think I can score 2 CP’s.  Stormwall gets 4, and Haley keeps 5.  Gorman is in melee with a Blackbane, I debate using Junior to stab it but that seems bad as where Goreshade is he can probably get a charge on where Stormwall will be, Siphon Bolt the Journeyman to drop Arcane Shield and kill the Stormwall anyway.  Instead Haley TK’s Gorman out of melee with the Blackbane, boosts  to hit the Blackbane and kills it, and then Deadeyes Gorman with her last 2 Focus (he’ll be a little too far from Deathjack to guarantee hitting him with Black Oil).  Gorman Blinds Deathjack, Stormwall kills Deathjack with 2 Focus to spare, using them to boost the Pod on 2 members of the Withershadow Combine killing 1 of them.  Lances kill Admonia and the remaining models contesting the right.  Getting low on time now but we score 2 CP’s, Anastasia and Rhupert start relocating towards the left zone in case I need quick run-to-contest models.

Top of 4, running out of models and options Goreshade runs on full camp straight at Haley.  Remaining models on the right get into the zone to contest.  I score a 3rd CP in the left zone on his turn.

Bottom of 4, due to derps on my part the previous turn with charges, only 1 of the 5 Storm Lances is facing in a useful direction to charge, which limits my ability to reliably clear the right zone (ride-by’s at MAT 7 vs DEF 14 isn’t ideal…), which would be the easier option as Haley2 is very close to the zone.  I run the maths in my head on Stormwall killing Goreshade3, on full camp Stormwall is dice minus 4 which is a bad start.  TK only gets Goreshade down to DEF 13, so Stormwall would need 7’s (bad), Time Bomb and TK gets him down to DEF 11 (OK) but with only 2 Focus to spare (bad).  Could potentially Blind him with Gorman, it would get him down to DEF 11 (5’s is OK), and TK down to 9, but that leaves 6 Focus, enough to allocate 4 but no Temporal Acceleration (not ideal). 

Checking my control area Haley is about 18” away from the left zone.  Stormwall gets 2 Focus, Haley keeps 6.  Junior casts Arcane Shield on Haley.  Haley runs towards the left zone and faces my board edge.  Gorman aims and Blinds Haley (too close for it to miss anyway).  Stormwall turns around , drops a Pod in the zone, and then 2-hand throws Haley (with a boost to hit), easily landing it and throwing her at the Pod in the zone for the win.

5 CP’s, scenario win to Cygnar.

In hindsight it would have been easier still to just Blind Goreshade to stop him casting Siphon Bolt (using the Pod if needed), run Haley away, and just kill the 1-2 models that could get into the left zone to contest and win on that zone on his turn.  Still, style points and all that!


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