Battle Reports: Walords of Walsall Masters – April 18th, and a practice game

Its been a long time since I last went to Walsall and saw the guys there, this time it was a Masters event which somehow reached a 32player cap and required a split into two groups of 16 (to finish within 4 rounds). Happily this would be CAT FACE team meet up with myself, Ryan and Lance driving up from Bristol, while Timmy and Dave were already local. Overall a very mixed group of people meeting up for an awesome day of gaming.

My Casters for the day were Rasheth and Mordikaar, because like I said in my previous post I need to learn how to play normal lists again. I took Rasheth as I wanted to play with loads of heavies, Xerxis2 doesn’t really count as one of the four is a chicken, and I also hadn’t used double Bronzeback for a while. I took Mordikaar to get more play time with him and because he filled in a lot of the matchup gaps.

Dominar Rasheth (*5pts) – Chain Gang T1
* Basilisk Drake (4pts)
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Bronzeback Titan (9pts)
* Bronzeback Titan (9pts)
* Titan Gladiator (7pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
* Titan Sentry (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Agonizer (2pts)

Void Seer Mordikaar (*5pts)
* Basilisk Drake (4pts)
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Tiberion (11pts)
Bloodrunners (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Cetrati (Leader and 5 Grunts) (11pts)
* Tyrant Vorkesh (3pts)
Immortals (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer (3pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

Practice game – Chris Roberts

Rasheth vs Damiano in Fire Support

On the Thursday before the event I managed to get a practice game in with Rasheth against Chris Roberts our local PG. I really felt like I should at least use the list once before dropping it at an event just to get some of the stupid mistakes out of the way.  Chris typically plays Mercenaries and today was bringing Damiano. Chris won the roll off and took first turn.

Turn 1, Damiano puts Sure Foot onto Gallant and Death March onto the Boomhowlers and his army runs up the board. Rasheth Rushes a couple Titans, puts Carnivore onto a Sentry and all my Elephants run up as well.

Turn 2, Damiano keeps both upkeeps and puts Dead Eye onto the Gunmages. Gunmages with Beastlore from Pendrake fire some shots into the front titans and get to knock down my Sentry and Bronzeback. Boomhowlers walk up with Forgeguard behind them and Gallant nearby. He also runs his Precursor Knights up around his flag.

I decide that I need to at least blunt the ineveitable feat turn that is coming. My Sentry walks up and bops a couple Boomhowlers on the head and I use the space to send my Agonizer to stop Gallant from getting Focus. Rasheth goes next and pops Feat, I send a Breath of Corruption forward through a Paingiver to kill a couple Forgeguard and limit his charges but it clips my Agonizer and I roll an eleven on the damage roll taking it down to one box. Fucking brilliant. Drake does much better and sprays down two Precursors and gets the UA so they lose the mini-feat. I Rush a Bronzeback to try and get to his Vanguard by Beatbacking off Gunmages but due to the charge angle I can’t quite get there.

Turn 3, the Boomhowlers Vengeance move and I have my bronzeback charge and kill one but the other two kill the Agonizer so Gallant gets Focus. Damiano puts Death March onto the Boomhowlers, Deadeye onto the Gunmages and Feats. Gunmages open up and knock down most of my Titans. Precursors kill the Drake. Boomhowler use Rage Howl and deal a few pts of damage to my Titans. Gallant charges and takes my Bronzeback down to 5 boxes. Forgeguard charge, finish off one Bronzeback and leave the other on ten boxes.

Not looking great for me. I start by having the Carnivored Sentry kill a couple Forgeguard and a Boomhowler. Krea uses animus and charges up to spread the debuff. Rasheth has seven Fury, heals the damaged Bronzebacks mind and spirit, swaps Carnivore onto the Bronzeback and puts out a Breath of Corruption on a defence 12 Forgeguard to try and keep himself safe for turn 4. The Breath of Corruption misses… and scatters into a pointless place. Fucking brilliant. I try to salvage the situation and have my second Sentry just kill everything in the area, he misses 5 out of seven attacks, fails to break ARM once and kills just a single Boomhowler. Fucking brilliant. Bronzeback activates kills three Forgeguard and a Boomhowler and half kills the Vanguard. Paingivers whip Fury off my beasts.

Turn 4, the one Forgeguard that my Sentry couldn’t kill uses Vengeance to get into Rasheth and bonks the fat idiot on the head. Another Forgeguard scoots over and the pair of them brain Rasheth. Assassination loss.

Lame. Assuming a Sentry could kill one Forgeguard needing 7s to hit is obviously too much. Rasheth retarding his BoC didn’t help either. With twenty boxes i’d be ok with a single Forgeguard getting to him, as it wouldn’t be a charge attack and I can take it and Carnivore heal next turn but NOPE, I get two. Overall, while the Sentry and Rasheth missing didn’t help I’d made a pair of silly mistakes the turn before anyway. I should have been more careful with my Agonizer placement as he could have been an inch further away. Also sending the Bronzeback in to get the Vanguard was pointless and basically it got him half killed by two Forgeguard and the Vanguard. The counter charging Bronzeback also didn’t need to go in as I should have realised the Agonizer was basically dead no matter what and not fed Gallant a Bronzeback. Instead I could have held both back and had the Forgeguard and Gallant go into my Sentries and most likely still only kill one. I could also have been a bit smarter with the Breath of Corruption placements and put another one down on turn 2 so prevent more charges but killed the BoC target with my Sentry so Rasheth would have to bank on a lucky scatter to get one down. Overall Rasheths death was because of my earlier mistakes as I had to gamble and spend all my Fury to get as much done as possible. There were also Gunmages lurking around with Crit Brutal but I think Rasheth could tank five of those shots easy.

I’d like to think that had I survived that turn and only lost a Sentry I could have focused on killing the Forgeguard and Gallant and then he won’t have any real damage left after that to get through my two Bronzebacks and Gladiator as he caps out at pow12 without reach so I could BoC on top of my Titans. Lessons learnt, derps out of the way before the main event eh? (I hope).

Game 1 – James Balfe

Mordikaar vs Goreshade2 in Outflank

James is a localish player and this would be my first ever game against him. He had Goreshade2 theme and pDenny, my choice was clear from the outset while he admitted to me he didn’t know what Mordikaar could do and so took Goreshade2 (theme) and just kill all the things with all the Banes. He won the roll off and opted to go second and give me the side with a building blocking access to my right zone.

Turn 1, I put Hollow on the Bloodrunners and run everything up. James runs runs a unit of Thralls, Knights and Tarterus to the right side which i’d have trouble getting in to. His second unit of knights go up the middle and his max thralls move into the left zone.


Turn 2, I drop hollow and aim to kill both of his Pistol Wraiths before they start screwing me over. Three Bloodrunners charge up and manage to kill two Thralls and I Shadow Play the leader back the rest of the unit. TyCom Press Fowards the Cetrati who walk to the edge of the right zone. Tibbers and the Krea walk behind the Cetrati and Mordikaar walks behind them. I Essence Blast both Bloodrunners getting the first Pistol Wraith with Puppet Strings help but redirect the 2nd one as i’d misplaced the Bloodrunner and might accidentally kill a Bane Knight. Overall I get a Pistolwraith and three Thralls. Nihilators move up cautiously and my Drake kills the last Thrall that could get to me. James can’t get anything into my stuff so he runs in to jam me up and ready for turn 3. He puts Sudden Death on a Knight and tries a Hex Blast through his Arc node that had run up but it misses.


Turn 3, I start the turn aiming to hopefully dominate the left zone. My Drake starts and tries to clear out some Thralls but they tough and I only get one. Bloodrunners clear out another Thrall. I send my Nihilators in to kill the Knights that have rushed me in the middle and most of the Thralls in the left side but by the end its obvious I can’t get everything in the zone. My Cetrati poke a few Thralls in the right zone. Tibbers wrecks the chicken that had moved up last turn to try and Hex Blast me. Mordikaar puts Hollow on the Nihilators and Feats.


James has his Thralls in the left zone try to kill some of my Bloodrunners and Nihilators but the feat makes them bounce. Tarterus helps out the Bane Knights in the right zone but I end up having one Cetrati survive to contest the zone. Goreshade heads for the right zone but the forest is slowing him down, he tries another Hex Blast but again misses on the Nihilators. Thanks to my Feat he only makes a couple Banes from my Cetrati holding the middle.

Turn 4, I have my Bloodrunners and Drake finish off the Thrall unit contesting the left zone. Mordikaar revives a couple of Cetrati into the middle of the right zone past his models to get to the Thrall standard, and a Nihilator to get the remaining stuff in the middle of the board. My Cetrati manage to kill the Thrall standard and together with the Nihilators manage to kill all the remaining Thralls and allow Mordikaar to score 2CP in the left zone. James actually cannot get anything into the left zone anymore so he just goes for kills, Tarterus finishes off two Cetrati and makes two Knights. The knights charge clear the right zone. Goreshade then charges and kills Tiberion.

Turn 5, I make a few Nihilators, kill some Knights but at the end of my turn I win on scenario 5-2.


Good game for me. Helped quite a bit by those Hex Blasts missing twice :P. James wasn’t very familiar with Mordikaar and that also put him off a bit when I revived Nihilators into wierd spots to kill his Banes. Not clearing the right zone with his Knights was unfortunate but he only had one redirected Knight charge to try and kill him so three dice at minus 5, not too likely.

Game 2 – Chris Tapper

Mordikaar vs Rask in Destruction

Another new person! Chris had Rask and Calaban and I was orginally considering using Rasheth but in the end decided against it as he had two units of Shamblers in Rask which is basically a Titan each, and i’d most likely get Alpha striked as well. I’d have to grind it out  in the middle with Mordikaar (sigh). I lost the roll off and Christ took the side with a wall for Rask.

Turn 1, Hollow on the Bloodrunners and my army runs up the board. Chris does the same with his army.


Turn 2, I have my Drake walk up and spray the Sacral Vault for a few points. Cetrati get Press Forward and toe the back of the zone with Tibbers and a Krea behind them. Mordikaar walks up and boosts a shot into the Vault which spikes dealing 7pts of damage. Bloodrunners move to block his Gators in and screen my Cetrati. Chris has his Vault move up and shoot and kill one Nihilator and miss the second shot. Gators walk up and chomp on a Bloodrunner. Rasks uses Inhospitable Ground,and Furys the right side Gators and Feats.

Turn 3, I’m feeling pretty good atm as I forced the Rask Feat first. My Drake walks around and sprays over one of my Bloodrunners to catch the Vault and a unlucky Gator. With Puppet Strings I take the Vault down to 2boxes and luck out killing the Gator. I forget about Inhospitable ground so when my Cetrati with Press Foward, rather than Overcome, walk up I can’t reach the Vault, so I instead stay in the middle and have Tibbers waiting behind. Mordikaar Revives a couple Bloodrunners and Feats. My Feat has put a damper in Chriss plans but he tries to get some stuff done regardless.  The right unit of Gators  pray for rerolls and charge my Cetrati but even with rerolls the armor is too much and he can’t kill one. Vault boosts shots and kills two Nihilators who he takes control of and tries and kill my Agonizer. His left unit of Gators tries to get up the board but my Bloodrunner is stopping them from going to far. Rask cycles Fury onto the Wrastler and uses Inhospitable Ground.


Turn 4, my Puppet Sringed Drake does another amazing spray, taking out the Vault and killing another Gator! Cetrati move forward and poke the two Gators that had gone in the turn before. Agonizer walks behind the Cetrati and wails. Krea walks up and Paralyzes the Wrastler. Horror gives the Wrastler reach and the Wrastler walks up and kills three Cetrati. Rask cycles Fury onto a unit of Shamblers and puts up Inhospitable Ground. Shamblers deal a few points od damage to my Cetrati.


Turn 5, Mordikaar revives twoCetrati and fires a blast taking out some Shamblers. The Cetrati walk up poke and kill another two Gators and some Shamblers. Drake clears out another Gatorman and some Shamblers and puts some damage onto the objective. Tiberion walks up to the Wrastler and puts it down to 1 box, oops.


Luckily for me the Wrastler Frenzies but fails to break Cetrati ARM with a disabled body. Chris has his Gators poke and kill his Wrastler and then sends in a tooled up Bokur to kill Tiberion. His other unit of Shamblers and remaining Gator unit kill a Bloodrunner and Nihilator. Rask Furys the Horror which charges in and kills a couple Cetrati.

Turn 6, Mordikaar revives some Nihilators and I use them to clear out the zone. Succesfully kill the objective and my revived Nihilators clear out the remaining Shamblers. My Drake runs over to the Horror and my Krea eats it with Flank. Chris only has one Shambler left and he runs it into the zone to contest.


Turn 7, I kill the Shambler and thats game. Scenario win.

I’m very glad I chose Mordikaar, and very glad I ask what sort of corpses and souls he’d be getting with those Shamblers. Hollow stopped a lot of them and having my Cetrati take all the hard hitters first felt like the right call. It let me save my Nihilators for clearing up the Shamblers at the end of the game.

Game 3 – James Brown

Rasheth vs Gaspy3 in Close Quarters

This would be our third game with every game at Walsall. He had Gaspy3 theme and Coven. So the reason why I chose Rasheth, none of his lists had any reach infantry, it was all mechanithralls and jacks. I was also expecting him to drop Coven and so I figured Castigate + Breath of Corruption = EASY. He chose Gaspy3, and won the roll to go first….

Turn 1, he runs everything at me. I have my titans move up a more cautiously and run a lucky Paingiver up the board. The lucky Paingiver then dies so I can channel a Breath of Corruption to kill a Mechanithrall stood too close to a Necrosurgeon, I get 3 thralls and the Surgeon.


Turn 2, once again he runs his Mechanithralls at me. Gaspy3 who walks into the middle of the table and Feats. Kraken fires a shot at my Krea dealing a bit of damage. I run another Paingiver and channel another Breath of Corruption to kill some Mechanithralls in the way of my Bronzeback who charges and beat backs into the Kraken taking out a side. Agonizer walks up and prevents Focus allocation. I surround Rasheth with Titans and pray I survive. Rasheth also used Castigate to stop him from running an Arcnode up my butt and killing Rasheth.


Turn 3, Gaspy has something like fifteen focus but thankfully can’t get to Rasheth. Bilethralls walk up and purge onto my titans and Rasheth and his Pistolwraith shoots Rasheth in the butt, I take 5pts of damage. Gaspy then uses Mobility and charges my Bronzeback, he hits it a few times and camps on 7Focus. Kraken gets a power boost and smacks my Bronzeback a bit. I have an DEF 17 (Ashen Veil Mechanithralls around) ARM24 Gaspy to kill. Rasheth tries to start it off by boosting two Bloodmarks onto Gaspy but they both miss. I enrage all three titans and together the get Gaspy down to 5 boxes.


Turn 4, Gaspy winks at Rasheth and fires two boosted Boneshakers killing Rasheth. Assassination loss.

Err, pro tip, don’t use Rasheth vs Cryx! In all fairness it didn’t go that badly looking at what we both had left on the board. I’d managed to kill both Necrosurgeons and his Mechaithralls werent killing my Titans anytime soon. But the weakness that is my Caster rears its ugly head again. I’d have much prefered going first 😀 then I could bunker up all day long behind my titans but the Mechanithralls were on me too quick.

So with this game, i’d lost the pair down and Dean Hubbocks won the A flight of games. As Ryan was in B flight and still playing we stayed and I found a pickup game.

After Game  – Graham Keen

Rasheth vs Kraye in Recon

A lot of Cygnar ADR at Walsall, this was another with pStryker and Kraye. He opted for Kraye and I went for Rasheth. I finally won first turn (i’d rolled 1 for the last three games).

Turn 1, I run everything up the board. Graham does the same sending a Hunter to each flag and his Wall down the middle.

Turn 2, I run up into the edge of the zone with my Sentries and try my best to make a dome to keep my Paingivers safe from his EVIL EVIL Blazers. Graham does end up getting an Electroleap off killing two Paingivers, Hunters boost damage but only scratch my Titans.


Turn 3, I run a lucky Paingiver at the Blazers. Rasheth Feats and Boosts a Sunder Spirit to kill a Blazer. My Drake with Rush walks up and lines up on two Blazers killing them both with Boosts. My Sentries walk up into the zone and bop some Rangers on the head. Agonizer runs up and stops the Stormwall from getting Focus. Graham is getting rapidly pushed out of the zone and he can’t really get my Titans either. He opts to go for assasination and has his Blazers and Hunters shoot Rasheth, I transfer some damage away and by the end of the turn he’s done 8pts to Rasheth and killed my Agonizer.

Turn 4, lucky Paingiver runs at the Wall and explodes putting Bloodmark onto the Wall. My Drake aims and sprays down another blazer and then I have a Bronzeback run at the remaining Blazer so if it tries to go for Rasheth it gets counter charged. Earlier on Grahams last turn he had his Jnr walk up too far to shoot and kill the Agonizer so my Sentry who was next to the Agonizer charges him and kills him before redirecting attacks onto the Stormwall, he misses as stupid Wall is DEF10 and Sentry is MAT5. Bronzeback charges up and kills the Stormwall and objective, much better. Graham continues the Assassination, having two hunters and Kraye who together take Rasheth down to 5 boxes with one transfer remaining.

Turn 5, Sentry walks up to Kraye slaps him in the face. Assassination win.

I still don’t get why people thing Rasheth is good into Cygnar. Rasheth is basically a bullet magnet unless he camps loads in which case he might as well not even be there. Sure the Titans are great, but thats any Caster with them who just takes a Krea along. Regardless I survived the Assassination attempts. Maybe it would be better if I took some Gobbers….


Overall a good set of games this week. I’m now OK with Mordikaar, like is a bit too strong, just OK. Rasheth is Rasheth, I do like him but I don’t think I can use him atm, or at least not against the people I usually play against. In future i’ll most likely continue playing some more Mordikaar and maybe get some practice with some other Caster yet undecided before the Welsh Masters in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading. Next time!


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