Battle Reports: Bristol Warmachine Bash – April 12th

First 50pt event at Bristol Independant Gaming. Run once again by Chris Roberts with Ryan acting as his lovely assitant Hobbit and standin player. Orginally the event was expected at a full sixteen but due to some last minute (7am) drops we ended up down to twelve, sadness :(.

Casters for the day were eXerxis and Mordikaar as I need to relearn how to play a ‘normal’ game and ‘normal’ caster rather than just Fisting everything I come across. I swear that list has made me worse and worse as a player.

Game 1 – Guy Dawe

eXerxis vs Bethayne in Destruction

Guy is a WmH returnee who orginally played trolls but after a two year break has returned with the filth of Legion. His pair was Bethayne and eAbby and I was expecting a eAbby drop so I was pretty surprised when he dropped Bethayne. Not good. I managed to win the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, I put Mobility up and run forward up the board. Guy has the unit of Hex Hunters with Bayal run up my left flank while the other unit goes down the middle with Ashen Veil. Both Angels get Tenacity and go to the left side of the zone behind a nearby wall. Belphagor and two Shredders run up the middle with the Ashen Veil Hex Hunters.

Turn 2, I really need to kill at least one unit of Hex Hunters if I don’t want Xerxis to be killed by boosted pow13s. Xerxis Feats, uses Mobility and Fate Walker. I have Molik go in first and kill the Hex Hunters around Belphagor and the two Shredders, sidestepping out of the way for Tibbers to charge in and take down Belphagor and the Shredders. An Angel gets a crit pitch onto two Hex Hunters and my Reivers manage to CRA and take down a Helion. I finish the turn by having Xerxis Fate walk to the right as far away from the 2nd unit of Hex Hunters as possible and camp 1 Fury. Guy could get about four Hex Hunters into Xerxis but nothing else. Instead he Feats and has his Hex Hunters kill my Reviers and damage Molik and my Krea. Two Angels and a Forsaken take out Tibbers.

Turn 3, so Bethayne has Feated and i’m feeling a LOT safer. I start with my Gladiator and Archidon clearing out some blocking Hex Hunters, the Krea paralyzes an Angel and then I put Ignite and Puppet Strings onto Molik who charges up and takes out both Angels and a Hellion with some big damage rolls. I don’t clear the zone of Hex Hunters but manage to take out the objective. Guy has no beasts left so he has his Forsaken explode and kill Molik. His Hex Hunters advance up and kill some paingivers and my Krea.

Turn 4, Archidon takes out one Forsaken but doesn’t quite pitch it into the other. I have my Gladiator pick up a Hex Hunter and throw it at the 2nd Forsaken killing it and Xerxis with Sprint kills three more Hex Hunters. Guy puts Carnivore onto his Hex Hunters and charges them into my Gladiator and Archidon but only puts a few points of damage on them.

Turn 5, I have my beasts clear the zone of Hex Hunters and I score 2 more points. Guy tries to kill the Archidon with Bethayne but doesn’t contest the zone so I get my last two 2CP. Scenario win.

So that went better than I expected once I saw the models hit the table. It only clicked after the list selection that 20 Hex Hunters will wreck eXerxis no matter how many transfers he has. A misplay by Guy had him send one unit off to the side allowing me a chance to take out one unit and escape with Fate Walker and Mobility from the other. Otherwise I was fully expecting to be blown up.

Game 2 – Christian Bailey

Mordikaar vs Rahn in Close Quarters

I have kind of known Christian for a while as i’ve played his Rahn once before at the Bristol Big’Uns club over a year ago. Since then he’s attended the previous two 35pt events at BIG and this would be my new chance to play him in R2. He had Rahn and eVyros both tier and opted for Rahn. I’m not to sure if I was expecting either one but I didn’t want to drop eXerxis into either anyway. I won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, Hollow on the Bloodrunners and Banishing Ward onto the Nihilators and the army runs up aggressively. Christian has his Hyperion and Phoneix run up the board. Stormfalls fire off snipes which get two Nihilators and a Bloodrunner with blast damage. Rahn puts Polarity Shield on the Hyperion. His Halberdiers run up and spread.

Turn 2, I drop Banishing Ward. I have my Drakes go first and they hose down five Halbediers, the Bloodrunners kill another two and jam the Halbs up. Cetrati get into Shield Wall and walk up to the middle, Vorkesh hides at the back behind a Gobber cloud and an Agoniser tucks in behind and stops focus for the Hyperion. Nihilators get revived and charge into the Phoenix and Mordikaar Feats and hides behind a cloud. Chris can’t get much done without allocation and the Feat up. His Stormfalls scatter blasts around to kill a couple Nihilators and the Halbs mini-feat to kill two Bloodrunners. Battlemages charge in but with the feat get pushed back before the second attack.

Turn 3, one Drake kills a couple more Halbediers while the second throws a boosted shot into the Hyperion. Mordikaar hides behind the Gobber cloud and revives some Nihilators who clean up the Battlemages and put a few points onto the Phoenix. One of the closer Battlemages is left to the Despoiler who spawns a Void Spirit who actually doesn’t get to do much because the Phoenix has a magical sword, who knew? Cetrati Shield Wall and poke the Hyperion. Bloodrunners finish off the Halbs and teleport into the nearby Stormfalls. Chris power boosts his Hyperion to try and crit consume my Agonizer in the blast but doesn’t get it. Phoenix kills the void spirit to free up the Stormfalls who kill a few more Nihilators. Rahn throws out a Chain Blast to kill a couple Bloodrunners.

Turn 4, both Drakes throw boosted shots into the Hyperion, one also killing a nearby Arcanist. Then Despoiler uses Animus and charges the Hyperion and takes off half a side. I have my Cetrati do three 2man CMAs but the last one misses and leaves the Hyperion on 4 boxes. Phoenix gets charged by more Nihilators. Mordikaar revives some Bloodrunners and charges them into Rahn and the last of the Stormfalls. Chris can’t cast any spells anymore thanks to the Despoiler and still can’t get any Focus thanks to the Agoniser which finally get smacked some Stormfalls after the Phoenix unjams them. Hyperion punches two Cetrati dead and Rahn boosts and buys to clear the two Bloodrunners engaging him.

Turn 5, Cetrati finish off the Hyperion and the Phoenix goes down from the Desopoiler and some revived Nihilators. Last few Bloodrunners run around Rahn. Rahn bops the Bloodrunners but still can’t cast spells.

Turn 6, I have my Drakes spray down Rahn. Assassination win.

That went pretty well, the spell denial was enough to get me the game. I’m not sure if eVyros would have been better though as i’ve done that match before and the attrition isn’t favorable for Vyros. Overall i’m ok with how the game went, Mordikaar seems to be able to take Retribution in general.

Game 3 – Rhys Phillips

Mordikaar vs eMakeda in Fire Support

I chat to Rhys regarding lists fairly often, his pairing was Zaal and eMakeda and since there was no way I was going to drop eXerxis into a list that can trivially remove my heavies or outthreat me so it was always going to be Mordikaar. Rhys I believe opted for eMakeda as I had double Drakes and Despoiler and would most likely be seriously out attritioning him if he used Zaal and the Makeda Feat is effectively a counter feat. I lost the roll off and went second.

Turn 1, Rhys puts up road to war and runs everything up. I put Hollow onto my Bloodrunners had them in front with the Nihilators and Despoiler behind. Cetrati split up into two pods either side of the Despoiler to stop anything getting to Mordikaar.

Turn 2, Rhys uses Road to war and sends in three Swordsmen into my Bloodrunners, killing one and making another tough. The rest of his army pulls back slightly. I have a Drake walk up and spray sideways killing a Swordsman who gets kept alive by Makeda Stay Death. Despoiler moves up makes a Void and kills another Swordsman, freeing up my Bloodrunners who charge into his Swordsmen and kill three more. I have a Nihilator charge his Archidon but it gets counter charged by the Bronzeback and dies. So I charge the Bronzeback with two more Nihilators and roll good on damage dealing about 8pts. I end up timing out with Mordikaars activation but at least remember to feat. It does however mean I unintentionally Killbox myself. Oops….

Turn 3, Rhys Counter Feats. His two voids charge into my front most Drake and one misses. Swordsmen clear out some Bloodrunners. Molik kills the damaged Drake and sprints away. Bronzeback and Archidon clear up some Nihilators and screen Makeda. I keep reviving Nihilators and send them into the Bronzeback and Archidon. Otherwise my Cetrati move up Despoiler and Agonizer behind. I remember to get out of the kill box this turn.

Turn 4, Molik clears out some Nihilators and the Bronzeback gets into my Cetrati and kills three of them. My turn I have the Despoiler take out the Bronzeback thanks to the Nihilator damage from earlier turns. I revive two Cetrati and charge them into the Archidon and Molik and kill the Archidon.

Turn 5, Rhys Gladiator attached to Zaadesh does a Grand Slam to kill a Cetrati and my Gobbers but doesn’t follow up. Molik clears out the Cetrati that kill the Archidon. I have my Despoiler and revived Cetrati kill the Gladiator and hope to suvivive with the Agonizer nearby.

Turn 6, Rhys has his PGBH whip the Cetrati to kill two of them and Molik finishes off the unit, my Agonizer and then takes the Despoiler down to 4 boxes. As the Despoiler has its Animus up Makeda2 charges in first to finish it off then fate walks away. I’m not left with much now but Molik is his only beast and is maxed out. I Puppet String by Drake spray Makeda for 5damage then revive and charge three Nihilators into Makeda2 who all whiff their attacks.

Turn 7, Rhys clears out my Drake and TyCom and a few Nihilators. I’m left with TyCom flag, Paingivers and a single Bloodrunner vs Molik, Willbreaker and Paingivers. Not good. Molik is on 3 Fury so I try and max him out and kill Makeda. My Paingivers pull through and hit Molik twice maxing him out. I have my Tycom Standard run onto the hill with Makeda. Puppet Strings on Mordikaar who walks up and boosts his gun first, landing the hit and dealing some damage. I Essence Blast the Standard which hits but the first damage roll leaves Makeda on 1 box, so I reroll and get the kill. Assassination win.

Well, that was a win I didn’t expect looking at the final board state. I should start by thanking Rhys because despite it being timed turns and him 2CP up he continued to play at his normal pace instead of going for a dice down. Probably the biggest mistake for him was forgetting to Fate Walk with Makeda the turn before I killed her which would have left it at two Essence Blasts, not impossible but pretty unlikely. My biggest mistake was timing out T2 and forgetting to cycle Hollow onto my Nihilators which would have ultimately led to me having another 4-5 Nihilators through the game and would hopefully have led to a dead Molik. Overall it was a good game and very close.

The event ended here as there were an odd number of 2-0 and the pair down ended up loosing. So I won the event going 3-0 with a R4 played for those who wanted to continue.

Game 4 – Ian Millington-Davies

Mordikaar vs eDenny in Recon

Ian is a fellow Pigmar clubmate who won the pair down round, a bit out of practice and since we were doing another round we decided to swap it to deathclock and I would play the Tibbers version of Mordikaar. He had pSkarre and eDenny and opted for eDenny to get some more practice in. I was always going to drop Mordikaar. I won the roll off and opted to go first.

Turn 1, I run everything up the board, intending to get at least all my Cetrati into the zone T2. I Hollow the Bloodrunners and Banishing Ward the Nihilators. Ian runs his Nyss up behind a forest at my Nihilators, Boomhowlers angle slightly left and the Mechanithrall engine follows from behind. He has his Pistol Wraiths run up aggressively.

Turn 2, I drop Hollow but keep Banishing Ward. The Cetrati get into the zone making room for a Drake to walk up and spray down a Pistol Wraith. I run two Nihilators to engage the Nyss. Bloodrunners charge the Boomhowlers and kill two, teleporting back behind the Cetrati wall or up towards Gorman and a Necrosurgeon. Mordikaar Essence Blasts twice and gets both Gorman and the Necrosurgeon but i’m now not camping anything. Mordikaar moves up behind the Krea and Tiberion. I choose not to Feat this turn as I figure i’ll be ok. Ian decides to go for an Assasination as i’m not camping. Denny moves up and Feats then throws out a Venom to clear some Nihilators. His Harrower shoots a Nihilator blocking LoS to Mordikaar, Tiberion shield guards it but the blast still kills him. Skarlock throws Ghost Walk onto the Nyss. Ians other Pistol Wraith shoots Mordikaar but misses the second shot (needed 6s) and deals a few points of damage. He then walks his Nyss with four able to get to Mordikaar and take him down to about 8 boxes with 2CRAs. The remaining Nyss kill most of my Nihilators. Phew, tbh I wasn’t too worried but you never know! Boomhowlers clear out the blocking Bloodrunners and fire some shots at my Cetrati.

Turn 3, I have Puppet Strings Mordikaar who aims and boosts a shot at the Pistol Wraith killing it and taking along two nearby Nyss so he heals. I then revive one Nihilators into the Nyss and put Hollow on them camping one Fury and Feating I also have my TyCom and Vorkesh block LoS instead of Nihilators. My Nihilators walk into they Nyss and some Mechanithralls killing two of each. Rest of the army does stands still. Ian tries for another Assassination, Denny clears out two blocking Nihilators and then the Harrower shoots Vorkesh but it gets Sheild Guarded by Tiberion. Nyss can’t take down either my TyCom or Vorkesh to get LoS onto Mordikaar so he kills another Nihilator. Boomhowlers charge into the Cetrati but miss or deal minimal damage.

Turn 4, I keep Hollow on the Nihilators. The Cetrati go first killing a couple Boomhowlers in the way of Tiberion and Ians Harrower and a couple more on the other side. Mordikaar aims and boosts another shot taking out two nyss, then revives two Nihilators into a bunch of Mechnithralls and Nyss. The Nihilators kill a bunch of Nyss leaving one alive, and also four Mechanithralls. Tiberion Charges the Harrower and destroys it easily, the last hit being a crit that slams it over Denny and his Arcnode. On Ians turn he trys to think up a way to kill Mordikaar but by now he’s down to 9minutes on the clock and we call it as he has nothing that can possibly kill my Cetrati anymore.

That went pretty good, getting first turn and getting into the zone helped loads. I also felt the scenario itself was in my favour as it allowed me to grind the game out. Saving my Feat for another turn was definately worth it as it completely blunted his offense.


Overall good day, happy I got the wins even though game 3 was very dicey!

List wise I don’t think I can play Xerxis2 in a 2list format, its just to weak to various random stuff. I really like playing Xerxis2 as he’s fast and hits like a truck but after feat his CTRL and low Fury is really limiting. I also expect my opponents to limit what I can take from them on Feat turn and screw me over.

As for Mordikaar, meh, same as usual. Good caster, slowly liking him more but thats due to me becoming more used to him.

Next event will be on the 18th in Walsall! It’ll be a 32player Masters format, split into two groups of 16. Looking forward to heading back there again for some games as the bunch there are really nice and I’ve always had fun. All the members Team CAT FACE will be attending the event which is another bonus! Expect some more battle reports next week.


3 thoughts on “Battle Reports: Bristol Warmachine Bash – April 12th

  1. Congratulations on the victory! What do you think of your odds on the 18th?

    “… rather than just Fisting everything I come across.” is possibly an unfortunate choice of words though. 😉

    • Bad odds for the 18th, i’m going to get wrecked :/
      Going to play Rasheth/Mordikaar and theres a good chance I come up against something I just can’t fight well enough T_T

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