Crow Valley Crusaders practice meetup – 5th April

So a week ago Terry put up a small 8man SR as a practice session before the Welsh Masters coming up next month. Myself, Ryan and Chris from team CAT FACE opted in as its only a 40minute drive away would give us the opportunity to play a different set of people.

There were only seven people in the end as one dropped from illness, there’s some horrible cold going around, so Terry was kind enough to allow the three of us and Richard Deane to all get three games in while himself, Byron and Alun would drop out for one as they were more local.

I took pXerxis and eXerxis as my lists for the day.

Game 1 – Richard Deane

pXerxis vs pCaine in Recon.

I’ve played Richard once before way back in 2013, he was the first person I ever played Fist against back when I had an Archidon & Gladiator build (SW SR finals). Anyways he’s talked a lot about his pCaine list before and we needed a rematch. He had Kraye as a 2nd list but I was very confindent he wouldn’t it as it wouldn’t have done well against either of my lists. Sure it was going to be pCaine I opted to pXerxis as I didn’t want Snipe Gorman + Pod of Shit blinding eXerxis. Richard won the roll off and opted for first turn, I decided to take the side with a trench.

Turn 1, Richard runs most his stuff up. Caine Snipes the Grenadier and Blurs his Gunmages. On my turn I Defenders ward the Cetrati and run my army up close to the zones. I try to set some B13 and gunmages no fire but blast don’t do much damage and fire goes out.

Turn 2, Richard has pCaine Feat and chip down most of my front line before using initials to kill I think three before teleporting away. Grendadier follows up using crit brutals taking out another three leaving the very low ones to his Gunmages. Sentinel and Stormwall walk into the zone and shoot a few more dead. I use Arcuarii to drag in the Sentinel but don’t end up killing it with a second unit. Cetrati keep moving up the board in Shield Wall. I finish off a few more of the B13 but don’t get any Gunmages on fire.

Turn 3, Richard  goes for the right flag and clears out the Cataphracts in the area with the Gunmages and Caine before teleporting onto the flag. Grenadier and Stormwall continue to plug away at my Cataphracts. I’m left with nothing near the right flag as i’ve stupidly moved my army leftwards. Gorman blinds a couple Cetrati with a pod. Xerxis Feats and kills the pod and finishes off the Sentinel. An Arcuarii charges Gorman and kills him. I get a Cetrati and Archidon into the Stormwall but mess up a charge lane and block some Arcuarii from getting in as well.

Turn 4, Richard has Caine and the Grenadier kill anything near the right flag. Stormwall opts to shoot my Cataphracts instead of punching them. So on my turn I basically need to get a model to contest the flag if I even want a turn 5, Xerxis clears some blocking gunmages and I measure from my Tycom and he’s out of 14″ from the flag so I call it there as Richard will get a Scenario win on his turn.

That was pretty bad all around I basically decided not to play a game midway through turn 2, give Caine one side of the board while I walked over to the other side and do nothing. Forgetting to put a unit on the board didn’t help either, sigh. I should have stuck to the orginal plan I had when setting up to just run forward in a massive blob all in B2B and Feat turn 1, then just flood the zone with everything in T2 so Caine can’t get as much from his Feat. Instead I tried to get fancy and set stuff on fire which killed nothing in the first two turns. I should have been able to give Richard a better game where he would have to really work for his CP’s. Very disappointed personally with this game, lot of really stupid decisions.

I get the feeling that Richard could still have squeaked a scenario win from the game had I played much more aggressively, but it would have been much tighter and I would have taken the middle zone for myself. I’ll never know now, sigh. Much fail.

Game 2 – Byron Liles

eXerxis vs pDoomshaper in Outflank

I’ve never played Byron before, he had pDoomy Runes and Calandra EE. I was pretty sure he’d go for Runes but tbh no matter what he went for I wanted to see if eXerxis could do much anything. I won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, Xerxis uses Mobilty and my entire army runs up the board as far as I can. Byron is forced to advance more cautiously and Doomy has to Feat defensively as I can get to his heavies with Molik no problem.

Turn 2, I have put Ignite and Sprint on Molik who goes in and kills two Runeshapers having to force once as I missed by one despite the reroll, who then Sprints away. Reivers on the right side CRA and kill two Runeshapers. Rest of my army backs off out of charge range. I have three Reivers contesting the right zone and my Archidon in the left. Byron spends a while deciding what to do. He starts with the right runshapers who manage to clear out the four Reivers in the zone getting his first CP. He then has his Mauler and Mulg run fowards in blocking positions before Doomy charges a Runeshaper who toughs (typical), and Rampagers my Archidon into Marketh and kills Marketh (typical). Byron now has 3CPs.

Turn 3, I have Xerxis Feat and cast Mobilty and Krea Animus. He then walks up and pitches the Mauler into a Runeshaper and Krielstone bearer. Archidon flys up and gets a crit pitch onto Mulg throwing him into a wall. Molik two shots the Mauler before sidestepping into three Runeshapers with two living due to tough rolls. Tibbers kills Mulg. Gladiator and Reivers kill two Runeshapers in the right zone. I’ve forgotten to rush my Krea so she’s out of range to paralyze Byrons Earthborn. Byron Rampagers the Archidon out of the zone. The two Runeshapers that lived knockdown Molik and the Earthborn I never paralyzed kills Molik so he gets his last two CP. Scenario loss.

Just like game one so many small things I could have done to make it better. Turn 2 I could have had Tibbers trot into the right zone and deny it entirely. I could have had Molik in the left one as well after he sprinted. In turn 3 forgetting to Rush my Krea, who was also blocked in by a PGBH who I also forgot to move left her 1″ out of the Earthborn. Xerxis also blocked Tibbers from getting into the zone as well when he charged Mulg. Also those two Runeshapers living vs Molik was basically a Fate Walker to the back of the zone where he can’t kill Molik or Rampager him out. Literally spent that game mentally facepalming each time I picked up a model and realised I forgot to do something. Its not like I even need to knockdown Troll heavies hit them! I feel like the game boiled down to be basically giving him just one CP to many, but tbh I didn’t need to give him any at all on T2 as he couldn’t get to my heavies with his own. After that I can take out 2 of his heavies with mine and be 4 heavies up vs his runeshapers and whatever heavy he had left.

Would have really liked to have gone another turn, but given Byron circumstances I think burning everything to get a scenario win was the right choice for him. Mulg and his Mauler were in place to die and give Doomshaper transfers if I tried to get an Assassination off.

Game 3 – Terry Slade

pXerxis vs Goreshade3 in Destruction

First game ever versus Terry who had pSkarre and Goreshade3. I told him straight up that I’m not going to play eXerxis into Cryx so its up to him what he wants to use and he opted to go for Goreshade3 and see how it would work out. I’ve never played vs Goreshade3 so this would be interesting. I won first turn and went first.

Turn 1, I’ll admit to being pretty salty on the inside by now so I just stick to the plan. Everything runs up the board. Terry has his Raiders go up first with some Blackbanes spread around and the Bane Riders following up. Deathjack is on the left side angling for my objective.

Turn 2, I advance my Incindiarii up first to see what I can get. I end up getting 5 Satyxis on fire (4 die) and another with a direct hit, also catch the solo with fire who also dies. Some fire scatters onto Riders but doesn’t do much. Cetrati walk up into the zone in Shield Wall and Xerxis Feats. I have a lump of Cataphracts five deep and Xerxis surrounded by my Archidon and Arcuarii near the back. So Terry is faced with a lump of Cataphracts, he has DJ walk up to smack the objective and steal a Focus off my Archidon. Raiders and Blackbanes charge into my and through my front lines but due to the high ARM end up not killing much. Riders charge in and only kill off a single Cetrati and Incindiarii.

Turn 3, that went much better than I expected. I have a unit of Incindiarii and Arcuarii kill a few blocking models first. Xerxis then Charges in with Sprint and Smites a Rider to knockdown Darragh, then bops to Raiders and walks back. I then have my Arcuarii units activate to first kill Darragh to get rid of Beyond Death before moving onto Deathjack who ends up on six boxes. I have to have my Cetrati move up and with a CMA take down DJ and his last Bane Rider. I try and spread some Incindiarii around Xerxis so he can’t get a Blackbane close enough to stationary my caster, turns out he still can. So Terry runs a Blackbane into Xerxis and Shade rides up and shoots off three Siphon bolts I transfer the first one away so he can’t boost the second. He ends up taking Xerxis down to 8 boxes and I survive. I have Arcuarii charge Goreshade then a CMA from Cetrati to finish him off.

I finally won a game! (╥﹏╥)

STICK TO THE PLAN. Two things I would redo, I should not have had Xerxis smite the Rider until i’d killed the two Raiders there, if I had missed and had to take a Free Strike on the way out then i’m potentionally in the middle of the board if he gets a crit knockdown. Maybe leave one if I fail at killing the rider. Also rather than spreading to avoid a stationary I should have have blocked LoS from the front and accepted the stationary so that I at least force Goreshade to spend something on killing the model in front blocking LoS. Afterwards Terry told me felt the game was a bad matchup as his primary win condition isn’t killing my army or scenario but actually my caster which is unlikely at ARM18 19boxes.

Overall good day, games were… awkward but that was entirely my fault. So salty.


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