A few CAT FACE games – March 29th

Sunday was the long awaited first gathering of Team CAT FACE! The basic plan was to meet up a couple times before the ETC and play some games together as i’m in Bristol, two in Bath and the other two are in the Midlands, making it awkward for regular meetings.

This team is one of the few things I currently enjoy about WmH despite the huge amounts of salt I’m spewing around. There will be a proper team introduction post at a later date.

Game 1 – Tim Martin

pXerxis vs Lucant in Recon

This game planned for a while now as we wanted to see the Fist v Lucant matchup as the last time I’d played Fist into Lucant it was pretty one sided. I won the roll off and opted to go first, Tim took sides and gave me one with a forest right in front of the zone.

Turn 1, I Defenders Ward my Cetrati and run everything up the board. Timmy runs up not quite full distance so I don’t charge him and puts up Deceleration.

Turn 2, I advance Cetrati into the zone then have Xerxis put up Inhospitable Ground. Incindiarii fire set six or so Reciprocators on fire. I don’t manage to deal much fire damage and Timmy walks up further into the zone with Shield Wall, a Feat and Deceleration up.

Turn 3, I can’t reliably hurt him with his Feat up so I back off a bit, set random stuff on fire and put up Inhospitable Ground again. Tim has to charge to get to me now as i’m too far away for him to walk in, he opts instead to keep shield wall and push forwards. Two sets of Reciprocators with a Inverter behind each and Lucant has Watcher up if I get to close to the Inverters.

Turn 4, I start by having my Incindiarii fire some 2man CRA’s to try and soften upt he front rank of Reciprocators. Archidon Sprints Xerxis who puts Fury on my Cetrati then charges to Combo-smite down some Recipricators, kills one and walks back to where he was. Arcuarii start charing around and I manage to clear out both units of Recipricators and an Inverter that Watchered around. I finished by using a unit of Incindarii to block any assassinations on Xerxis. As Tim can’t get to Xerxis he tries to kill as much as he can, and takes out about eight Arcuarii/Incindiarii and a couple Cetrati with the remaining Inverter, Lucant and Reductors.

Turn 5, I charge Lucant with my remaining Cetrati and Arcuarii and he dies. Assassination win.

So I think really what won me the game was Inhospitable Ground making it impossible for him to get to me without dropping Shield Wall and charging. It also gave me the extra turn to ignore his Feat and then use mine immediately afterwards. As his list wasn’t a Prime Axiom build I could also be a lot cheekier with Xerxis’ positioning.

Game 2 – Ryan Evans

Rasheth vs pCaine in Close Quarters

Ryan used a pCaine theme force with two units of Gunmages each with a Hunter and a Stormwall on pCaine. I’d been planning on redoing Rasheth so he got dropped in. I won the roll off despite Ryans +1 hax and went first.

Turn 1, I run my army up, Gators with the Krea. Ryan has his Hunters and Blazers shoot my Gators killing one and toughing the other. Otherwise his army just walks up.

Turn 2, I have my Titans run up and surround the flag then have Rasheth dump Fury and run onto the flag. Gators run over to my flag completing operation ‘surround Rasheth with stuff’. Ryan goes for a LOT of Thunderbolts onto my blocking Sentry and Bronzeback and manages knockdown the Sentry allowing him to shoot Rasheth but not with enough shots as I transfer the damage away.

Turn 3, I Blood Mark the Stormwall and Feat. Both Sentries go for the Stormwall but its over a wall so I miss some attacks and it lives. Gators charge around to clear some more Gunmages, healing Rasheth with his Feat. A Bronzeback charges into a B13 and Beatbacks his way into a Hunter taking out its Axe arm, pointless. Gobbers put down a cloud in front of Rasheth to try and protect him. Ryan has pCaine walk around my Heavies, Feat and start pumping shots into Rasheth taking out his Two transfers. He then shoots Rasheth with 6 Gunmages and some bounced Blazer electroleaps and brings me down to 8 boxes but I end up living.

Turn 4, Rasheth walks up puts Carnivore onto the BB then boosts a Breath of Corruption onto a Gunmage next to pCaine, getting both I boost damage on Caine. A Gladiator boosts a double-handed throw on a Gunmage and knocks down Caine leaving him on two boxes. My Bronzeback walks over to Caine and beats his face in. Assassination win.

I hate Cygnar, so damn annoying. Basically spent the entire game camping on Rasheth and praying he didn’t get any spikes and kill me because reasons. Ryans list had very little that could hurt my Titans but so many shots that Rasheth was a dead man if the game went on longer. I’m fairly sure the only reason I won was because I went for a double sentry build and had a spare point for the Swamp Gobbers whose clouds saved his fat ass.

Game 3 – David Payton

pXerxis vs eSev in Two Fronts

Similar to the game with Tim this was another test game as neither of us had played this matchup before and it was supposedly favoured to eSev. Dave has just recently got back into WmH, High Reclaimer was his recent pick up but he was also interested in eSeverius. I won the rolloff and Dave took a table edge that allowed him to hide eSev safely behind a forest.

Turn 1, I put Defenders ward on the Cetrati and run my entire army up. Dave has his Flameguard and Reckoner head towards my zone while Judicator and the rest head over for his own. eSev hides behind the forest as planned.

Turn 2, I have my Incindiarii lead forwards and fire some shots into the Flameguard which all scatter onto into empty space. I do manage to kill one of Rhovens guards. Dave walks BoV up and Feats with eSev, he takes over my Cetrati and has them kill each other. Influence gets him another two Catapracts. Judicator fires rockets and flamethrowers all over the place kill a few more Cataphracts and his Flameguard charge/run to kill an Incindiarii and jam my left flank.

Turn 3, Xerxis puts Fury on a unit of Arcuarii and Feats. The Arcuarii charge the Judicator taking it down to about ten boxes so the Archidon walks up and finishes it off. I try to clear out the Flameguard but only kill a few as they tough with the book keeping them up. I manage to get a drag onto BoV and get him into melee. Dave gives his Rekoner and BoV three Focus each and they clear out the engaging Cataphracts. Flameguard keep poking stuff on the left side.

Turn 4, I have Xerxis charge BoV and Smite it into the Reckoner taking out its shield, I buy an attack to finish it off. I charge the Reckoner with 5ish Cataphracts but end up leaving it alive with its hammer arm and cortex intact. Dave clears out the Cataprhacts next to the Rekoner and eSev comes out to use Influence on what I have in my Zone killing another two. Flameguard block Xerxis off from eSev.

Turn 5, I opt for an Assassination, Archidon throws a Choir around killing a blocking model. Xerxis charges a Choir taking a free strike from a Flameguard and Reckoner which I don’t transfer and gets to Sev after two overtakes with three Fury after a miss and tough. Needing sixes to hit on Sev I miss two of three attacks and leave him on 9 boxes. Also didn’t set him on fire as the scatter went elsewhere. Sev kills Xerxis as I have no transfers and 8 boxes left. Assassination loss.

Ouch, well to be fair that actually went better for me than I suppose it really should have. Mainly as during his turn 2 the Judicator could have held back and fired more rockets rather than coming forward and trying to use the flamethrowers which opened it up to a charge from a full unit of Arcuarii rather than just a couple. Otherwise, I think leaving the Reckoner with both cortex and melee arm was the biggest annoyance for me. I also would have liked to have beaten Sev in the face with my clubs but oh well.


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