Battle reports, long overdue – SmogCon2015

<For various bad reasons this has been delayed and delayed until I didn’t care anymore. Now I’m in a super salty phase and need to find a way to detox which has led me  back to battlereports. I figured at the very least I should post what games I had already written up for SmogCon2015 before I start work on anything else so here they are. My apologies for the lateness>

I’m only going to report the Iron Arena games I played as they’re both Skorne and at 50pts, they are also all using Xerxis2 which I found to be really fun.

Xerxis, Fury of Halaak (*5pts)
* Basilisk Krea (4pts) – Bonded
* Archidon (7pts)
* Molik Karn (11pts)
* Tiberion (11pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
* Aptimus Marketh (3pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Venators Reivers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

Iron Arena Game 1 – Ryan Wilmott

Xerxis2 vs Reznik2 in Two Fronts

So Ryan was the first guy I picked up over the weekend… and we had our game just after the keynote speech when I was still high on Skornes new Mat4 Rat2 Gargantuan being revealed. I won the die roll and went first.

Turn 1, I aggressively run my army up the board as far as I can but not into his Errants. Ryan moves his Errants up my left side and his Zealots on the right, but doesn’t mini feat with them just yet. He runs Blessing of Vengeance up the left and fires off a Flesh is Weak at Tiberion (I had totally forgotten he even had a spell like that!) it ends up missing and scattering onto my Gladiator, Tibbers, Molik and Krea, not good. He makes one small error which will cost him next turn by moving Fires up to close behind the Errants

Turn 2, no charging for all my heavies sucks but I have to do something before the Zealots get me. Xerxis2 pops Feat, Mobility and Rushes Tiberion. I start with my Reivers clearing out a few of the front Errants in the way and haveTiberion walk up and beat BoV to bits, I’d actually forgotten about the bounce shield but thankfully Tibbers doesn’t care. With BoV dead I had Marketh Ignite and Gladiator rush Molik who walked up and with two side steps got to Fires who got wrecked.


Ryan had Reznik Feat and do a Rideby killing Molik. His Zealots mini-feated and threw a bomb which scattered and thanks to the Feat killed five of my Reivers, derp. his Errants went after my Paingivers killing two but they passed their Cmd check.

Turn 3, I clear out the Errants blocking Tibbers who is  then Enraged and Ignited before beating Reznik to death. Assassination win.

Basically that came down to Fires being just a bit too close to the front allowing me to go for a sidestep run to him, I don’t think it would be worth it for just Errants and Fires would have counter wrecked any heavy I sent in and then the Zealots would buy him another turn.

Iron Arena Game 2 – Dean Hubbocks

Xerxis2 vs eVayl in Close Quarters

Played Dean a couple times before now, I requested this game as he wasn’t doing anything and I wanted to try out Xerxis2 vs Legion now we’ve lost our clubs only Legion player. I won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, I run everything up aggressively staying within Krea auras. As I outthreat his list Dean doesn’t go up very far but instead spreads his heavies in a circle. He fires a Ravagore shot at Molik but this shot, and three more througout the game all miss and ALL scatter onto Xerxis2 setting him on fire….

Turn 2, so I notice I can most likely get to Vayl on two transfers with a sidestep. I want to see what would happen so I talk it over with Dean for a bit and we get a proxy base out and go through the motions. Turns out its not very good odds, I should have settled for two of his Heavies. We keep going, opting not to go for any charges and seeing how a longer game would turn out. Dean Feats to remove Bump from Tibbers and using two Oblits, Ravagore shots and a Refuge Angel kills Tibbers. He also sends a Stinger after Xerxis2 but it unfortunately misses.

Turn 3, well he still has five heavies while i’m down to three. Xerxis2 Feats, Mobility and Rushes Molik. Reivers put a few shots into one of his Angels dealing a few points of damage. Molik charges in and kills the Angel and a Ravagore. The Archidon follows in killing the pot and another Angel and luck out with a crit-pitch Shepard into the kissy guy in the Blackfrostshard…. Dean has his Angel kill Molik and his remaining Ravagore shoots Xerxis setting him on fire again. Blackfrost shard charge the Archidon but one misses and the other does minimal damage.

Turn 4, Archidon frenzies and gets another lucky pitch on the Blackfrostshard who for laughs I throw at Vayl, I roll a 1 for direction and she gets dropped on her butt. Marketh Ignites Xerxis who casts Mobility and charges the last Angel killing it and the last Blackfrostshard dude. Gladiator runs off after Vayl and we call the game there.

Many thanks to Dean for playing that game through the various things we could have done. It was very educational talking through and mapping the various outcomes from each move. Ultimately I was very happy with that game and what i’d learnt from it.

Iron Arena Game 3 – Peter Gaublomme

Xerxis2 vs Syntherion in Fire Support

First game of Saturday, a T4 Syntherion with Axiom, double Assimilator and Cipher for heavies. I believe I lost the roll off and chose sides as i’d rather give him the patch of rough terrain.

Turn 1, Peter Reconstructs his Cipher and HotShots and Assimilator before moving up with his force. On my turn as his army is much slower I run up outside of his charge range and have Tibbers stand infront of Molik and the Gladiator so they don’t get dragged in.

Turn 2, Peter runs Dispersion Optifex up and gets a Magnetic Grip onto Molik. The rest of his Jacks fire shots into Molik but thanks to the Krea Aura I don’t lose any aspects, Tibbers also tanks a shot. On my turn I Feat. The Archidon charges up at a Cipher and Assimilator he’d put between me and the Axiom, the Cipher gets thrown out of the way and the Assimilator takes some damage. Tibbers charges up, wrecks the Assimilator and half kills the Axiom. Molik advances into the thrown Cipher and sidesteps off it into the Axiom wrecking it and half killing the Cipher. Reivers fire some shots for a bit more damage.

Turn 3, Peter uses his own Feat and using his remaining Jacks manages to kill Molik and beat Tibbers up a bit. My Archidon takes out his Assimilator while my Gladiator kills the Cipher which reconstructs away before my Reivers finish it off.

Turn 4, Peter kills the Archidon and in return my Gladiator takes out his remaining lights. We call game there.

Bit of a misjudgement in threat ranges, but to be fair the longest range gun he has is the same as Tibbers threat, and Molik right behind and he can only Grip one model. Having that Cipher tossed forward with the X2 Feat really helped Molik walk into combat. I believe that ear the end game Peter could have cycled Reconstruct onto his remaining Assimilator and in cover to make it really hard for my Reivers which could have given him a shot at getting the Gladiator. As it was I was forcing up onto my own flag with Xerxis2 while Syntherion couldn’t go near his own without dying.

Iron Arena Game 4 – Adam Bell

Xerxis2 vs Kreoss3 in Close Quarters

Bell had been desperate for our first game all weekend so I finally agreed just to stop him pestering me! Bell dragged me off away from the Iron Arena into another room and took out his Kreoss3, lance and all! This was most likely going to be bad for me. Bell won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, he runs up his army with his Vengers on my right flank his heavies on the left screened by Zealots. I walk up mindful of his Venger charge distance.

Turn 2, he shuffles his army around and then runs his Zealots up the table and uses their mini feat. Game over. I lose.

Quick game.

Well actually… I splutter and rage about how fucking broken balls that mini-feat is for a good five minutes to Adams amusement. So Adam is still really far back, his jacks are behind the Zealot wall and I can’t get to them and the Vengers are just waiting for me to move forward so they can wreck my day. As it is I think I can get to the Vengers with Molik so I pop Feat and have Xerxis move up pick up and throw some Zealots into each other then Fate Walk. My titans shuffle to the right side closer to Xerxis and away from the zealots. I have my Reivers walk away from Adams stuff so they don’t get bombed into oblivion (should have gone for his choir maybe…). Molik charges up and bounces off a Zealot to get into a Venger and he kills three of them and Fate Walks into the last two so they can’t charge me.

Turn 3, Adam rolls like a boss and misses a Reckoner shot onto a Reiver so no Warpath. Wow. Zealots throw bombs at my reviers and Krea but only do a few points of damage. Vengers rideby and bop Molik on the head a bit. Avatar walks up and gazes Molik while the other two heavies move up behind the Zealots again. Kreoss walks onto his flag and he scores a point. I have my Reivers shoot and kill some Zealots that are blocking, Xerxis clears out a couple as well. Molik kills another Venger and tries to get to Avatar with sidesteps but is out. I really need something to stop the Avatar from ruining my day so I Puppet String Tibbers who tramples and gets a lucky Crit-smite and punts Avatar I think 5 inches away. Also contesting. I believe I get a point as well.

Turn 4, Adam kills off Molik with the Avatar and Tibbers with Fires (sad) and has his Reckoner move up. Zealots bomb more things. He scores up to 2CP. So i’m pretty screwed in terms of remaining models so I opt for the luck>skill strat. An Enraged Gladiator opts to take on the reckoner neededing 8s to hit, I have one boosted charge attack and just roll the others boosting damage and hit it all three times. Luck>skill strat success! I believe I take out its cortex. Reivers pew pew and one gets some damage onto Fires triggering his Enliven, which Adam takes and moves it closer to my flag. LOL baited! Xerxis gets Ignite and Sprint and wrecks Fires and goes back to his flag so I score another CP.

Turn 5, Adam measures some things and asks me whats contesting my flag, I answer nothing as the Chicken is too far away. He runs Kreoss3 over and scores the last 2CP to end the game. Scenario loss.


Umm, well it was a funny game. That ending shot looks just like an assassination attempt, but no, Kreoss ran. I hate Zealots. Things I would have done differently… well maybe have the Reivers actually go for the Choir, but I didn’t want them to be super easy Warpaths. Also I should have had Molik kill the Vengers and Fate Walk instead of trying to go for Avatar, could have at least saved him. I also would have loved to win first turn, that would have helped a lot. I’m so short on board space with silly Zealots running into my grill.

Iron Arena Game 5 – Robin Maukisch

Xerxis2 vs Morvahna2 in Close Quarters

I was heading back up to the Iron Arena just after lunch when I bumped into Robin and he asked for a game which I swiftly agreed to. Not every day you get to play someone with skillz and hair like Robins! I’ve had the pleasure of playing him before an entire year ago at SmogCon2014! Where he booted me out round 1 in a Masters qualifier… urgh. I won the roll off and opted for first turn.


Turn 1, I run up aggressively and plonk Tibbers infront of my heavies so Robins Druids don’t pull them in. Robin moves up a Grove and Sunder Spirits Molik, the rest of his army moves up and he keeps his Stalker about 17″ away from Molik with some Ravagers in the way….

Turn 2, I pop Feat, Mobility and Rushes on Tibbers who goes up and beats three Ravagers to death. Reivers manage to kill both of Robins Groves with CRAs and lucky dice. A gladiator tramples up and kills two more. Molik charges forward, bounces off a Ravagers into Robins Stalker and kills it with a Fury to spare so he kills another Ravager. Robin has Morv kill Molik and Feat back his Ravagers and Groves, my Archidon gets a Sunder Spirit.

Turn 3, I made a mistake with the Fury management, or lack of it, last turn and Tibbers and my Gladiator Frenzy. I have my Reivers kill a couple Bloodtrackers and I think Xerxis does a rideby to get the last Grove. Robin has his Ravagers kill Tibbers and tie up my Gladiator.

Turn 4, so I have Sprint back now that the stupid Groves are dead and Xerxis goes and kills some druids. My Gladiator moves into the Ravagers and kills two of them. Robins Bloodtrackers are slowly munching their way through my Reivers and I can’t stop them. The Gladiator gets killed by the Ravagers.

Turn 5, Xerxis keeps killing Ravagers and Druids. Robin finishes off my Archidon and Krea.

Turn 6, I have Xerxis kill as much as I can but with no transfer targets or Fury Robin finishes him off with his Ravagers. Assassination loss!


Well that actually went better than I had thought it would. Robin Sundering Fate Walker was most likely the thing that messed me up the most in the game. I also feel I should have been more aggressive with Xerxis as his Druids aren’t going to kill me if I had moved him up the board. I should also cared less about killing his Ravagers right off the bat and instead just engaged them and tanked through the Pow13s. Worth mentioning is that when I sent Molik to get the Stalker, which I would totally do again as the Stalker is huge, i’d actually forgotten to have Marketh and the Willbreaker buff him and lucked out with dice. But with Ignite and a reroll that Stalker is easily dead even with just bought attacks.

Thanks to Robin for the game, and i’m quite happy that I managed to surprise him with the Stalker kill. He wasn’t expecting that at all. Shame he wouldn’t give me Morvahna….



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