WTC tryouts and BIG Tides of War

<wall of text post as I was too lazy/busy/forgot to take pictures, sorry!>

<also an extremly long post>

Another busy weekend of gaming just gone. First there was the tryouts for the English WTC team on the 24th up in Stockport. Followed by Bristol Indepentant Gamings first WmH tournament Tides of War Winter.

Starting with the WTC tryouts, once again myself and my best hobbit friend Ryan (we’re inseparable) went up to Stockport. Ryan was on the selection commitee and I had managed to qualify for the tryouts. Our weekend started early on Friday as we decided to spend the morning/afternoon driving up and chilling before getting some games in during the evening.

So my lists for the tryouts were the Fist (no surprise) and a Xerxis2 list I’d made for the lulz.

Xerxis, Fury of Halaak (*5pts)
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Archidon (7pts)
* Despoiler (10pts)
* Molik Karn (11pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Venators Reivers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts)
Goblin Tinker (1pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)
Totem Hunter (3pts)

Managed to get two games in Friday evening against Matt Townsend (I even have a tag for him!) and Circle Jim.

Friday Game 1 – Matt Townsend

Xerxis2 vs pDenny in Two Fronts

Matt Townsend, eternal rival and good friend how I hate seeing your pDenny on the other side of the table. I basically wanted to try out the Xerxis2 list and Matt gave me a choice between pDenny or Gaspy2, LOL. So not Gaspy2 as that would be cruel to fat face Xerxis. He won the rolloff and went first, I opted for the side that didn’t have a wall right where Xerxis usually camps for most of the game.

Turn 1, he runs everything at me. On my turn I don’t bother with Ignite because all infantry and just Mobility walk up cautiously. Reivers CRA and take out the Cortex from one of his Chickens.

Turn 2, Matt doesn’t want to Feat this turn so he walks up and spreads out with his Boomhowlers, his Nyss CRA into my Chicken dealing a bit of damage. Denny walks up ready for next turn. Not looking good for me at all. I decide to go for the assassination because Molik does that kind of thing. I have Reivers try to kill some boomies but they fail. Despoiler goes in kills a couple and makes a void spirit. I have the void try and hit Denny but it misses. Molik goes in and bounces his way almost to Denny but a Boomhowler toughs and keeps me out, in hindsight I should have had the Void Spirit try and hit that one first to force another tough check. No Assassination for me then.

Turn 3, Matt Feats knocks two heavies down Parasites Molik and Dougal shoots Molik dead, URGH. Boomhowlers and Mechanithralls kill my Despoiler and I think the Nyss chop my chicken and objective for 2CP. On my turn I take out his objective to get a CP.

Turn 4, didn’t play it out but I think with no Transfers Xerxis dies 🙂

Assassination loss.

Not to bad I think. It could have worked, but I didn’t get Molik into Denny. I hope 4Fury of bought attacks would be enough, Def16 Arm19 at the time I believe vs Mat7 S&P and Pow17WM with crit fire… meh. If anything it at least proves that Molik is legit with Xerxis2 and the Despoiler is pretty cool too. I do like the void spirit angles!

Friday Game 2 – Circle Jim

Xerxis1 vs Bradigus in Recon

So I asked specifically for this matchup as I wanted to tryout Fist vs Bradigus at least once (I was expecting at least one Bradigus on Saturday). Jim did say he would have prefered not to Bradigus the Fist but had not tried it out either. Learning experience for both of us. I lost the rolloff and he went first.

Turn 1, Bradigus does his Bradigus things. I Defenders Ward my Cetrati and run everything up the board to make buy me some ground.

Turn 2, I believe Jim uses his Feat this turn. He gets his Wolds up the table thanks to Fuel Cache and using his Watchers and a Guardian smacks dead four Cetrati and a few others creating a forest wall in between me and the zone. He leaves two watchers back after the slide so I have to get rid of at least one if I want to get into the zone as my own Objective is in the way. I seriously consider using my Feat this turn but end up opting not to as I don’t feel it is worth it for the two Watchers and the ARM won’t matter as much when they have a good Synergy chain. I manage to kill one watcher and heavily damage the other. Off to the side I manage to have a semi flanking unit of Incindiarii kill a stone with a couple 2man CRAs. Big sigh of relief as Xerxis can play safer.

Turn 3, Jim uses his four remaining Watchers, one damaged, to move up and punch some more of my Cataphracts into trees. His Warden moves up and finishes off three Incindiarii off to the side while his two Guardians move up ready for the next turn. Xerxis pops Feat and I’m very thankful I saved it. I manage to clear out the Warden and three of the Watchers leaving one left badly hurt. Again flanking Incindiarii do 2man CRAs and manage to pop another stone thanks to fire damage.

Turn 4, Jim has his two Guardians but he’s vastly outnumbered and cannot kill Xerxis with the double port gone. Jim opts to try and kill as much stuff as he can. His two Guardians charge in for free from Fuel Cache and kill 5-6 Cataphracts, without Reach even Ram can’t get him into melee with everything. Bradigus then mans up and charges killing four more Cataphracts spending all his Fury. On my turn Xerxis charges Bradigus, Combo-Smites him into his Guardian and he goes splat.

Assassination victory.

We did chat about all the Bradigus assassination options through the game as I was curious so I did have the advantage of Jim helping and confirming if where I placed Xerxis was ‘safe’, it came mostly down to camping enough transfers to cancel out the attacks he would have remaining when he reached my Caster. Four transfers still might not be enough if he burns through my Archidon boxes fast enough but it all depends on the Synergy Chain. Big thanks to Jim for the game, while still concerned about Bradigus I am more confident in playing it.

Tryouts Game 1 – Andy Garrad

pXerxis vs eGrim in Outflank

I played Andy all the way back at Blood & Oil 2013, losing with pMorgs to pGrissel. Rematch time yay! I didn’t expect him to drop eGrim, but in all fairness dropping Runes feels pretty favourable to me as well since heavies = food to Xerxis Feat. I won the roll off and decided to pick sides. I had this elaborate plan in my head to make him come to me and spread him out more, but basically picked the wrong side and gave him trenches… derp.

Turn 1, Andy moves his army up the field, Highwaymen left, Pygs right with his Warders central but slightly right favoured. I move my army up more cautiously and Shield wall on a hill.

Turn 2, c’mon Andy Feat and come at me! He doesn’t, he holds back and camps in the trenches and shoots at me a bit. There goes my cool plan. So I have no choice but to walk up into him instead, sigh. I get rid of some Highwaymen and pigs. Stay in Sheild Wall on the hill but I forget to Feat defensively against his obvious incoming Feat turn.

Turn 3, Andy Feats and the Pygs wreck five Cataphracts. Three Warders charge into Cetrati with Mortality but only manage to take one down (dice minus 11). Highwaymen kill a couple Catapracts on the right but otherwise not much happens. Andy scores 1CP from the left zone. Xerxis Feats and charges a Warder, killing it with the Smite. He overtakes into a Highwayman but it toughs a few times so I decide to back off. I kill two more warders and damage a fourth. Incindiarii unfortunately don’t set many Pygs on fire but I do shoot a couple dead. Left side Highway men and Arcuarii tussle around.

Turn 4, Andy uses his Pygs to clear the zone again and Grim dominates up to 3CP but unfortunately for Andy he’s running out of time and models, I am however forced into a bad scenario position. I have Xerxis move up to Smite his Slag troll out of the way so I can get more stuff into the zone then kill a Pyg to proc Sprint. Incindiarii set four pygs on fire twice over but they pass a butt load of Tough checks (why!) I get about 6 Cataphracts into the zone and then fly my Chicken in as well.

Turn 5, the four Pygs die to fire (glorious!), Andy uses everything he has to try and clear the zone but ultimately can’t kill the Archidon. He ends his turn with 20s on the clock and we call it there, I can’t kill Grim and he’ll time out.

Deathclock win.

So i’d obviously messed up with the choice of table edge but thanks to the Fist being very forgiving to my noob self I didn’t get punished as hard as I could have been. In the end the sheer number of bodies meant that even those ridiculous Pygs couldn’t kill enough of my Cataphracts. Despite the clock out for Andy I feel confident that even had he enough time for another turn i’d still have enough stuff in the zone to stop him scoring, especially after kill even more of his stuff.

Tryouts Game 2 – Micheal Dick

pXerxis vs eKreuger in Destruction

Third game against Micheal the previous games being, G7 Nationals 2013 Rasheth vs eMorv (loss) and then G1 Nationals 2014 pXerxis vs eSorcha (win). Micheal had Bradigus as well but preferred eKreuger (I hate eKreuger btw). I lost the roll off, but Micheal picked sides so I didn’t get the one with two walls around the 18” mark (boo!)

Turn 1, I run everything full tilt at him. Micheal moves four Druids to toe the zone while the rest of his force follows up.

Turn 2, I’m fairly stumped as I don’t know how to stop him pushing me away with his Feat and dominating twice. I give up thinking and choose the bum rush. I have my Cetrati charge the druids and I get two. Rest of my army floods up into and around the zone while Xerxis hangs at the back and camps scared for his life. Micheal starts by getting Druids to blast one of my Cetrati but it doesn’t kill him. He then activates eKrueger and shoots it to death making space for one of his Stalkers to come in and Berserk. He then activates Ghetorix and walks him into three Cetrati killing two but failing to kill the last one sucking a free strike from the sprint move taking out his body. Micheal then remembers he’s forgotten to Feat with Krueger. Stalker walks up with Primal and kills seven Cataphracts and can’t Sprint away.

Turn 3, I feel like I’m in a pretty good place. I have Incinciarii shoot some druids, Xerxis then moves up and Feats and puts Fury on the three remaining Cetrati who charge Ghetorix and kill him. Arcuarii charge and kill the Stalker and objective and I score 3CP. Oh and I also kill one stone from each set so no teleport nonsense, i’m totally safe.


Micheal tells me he thinks he can still win by killing Xerxis and he spends a good 20mins planning a way to kill Xerxis who is camping four transfers. Even now I think it’s ridiculous but it involves him Feating, shooting some stuff in the way, a couple TK’s to make a line and then using Gallows to drag Xerxis out of Transfer range into Megalith. In the end it failed (thank god) as he couldn’t kill the Cataphracts in the way. Game ends as Krueger is in the zone 5” from Xerxis, basically an Assassination win.

Mind blown, I had about 6” of Cataphracts in front of Xerxis and he’s down 2 heavies (the good ones) and Megalith is like 13” away and Micheal informs me he can still kill me. Outrageous! I REALLY hate Krueger2 don’t want him ever again, how can he pull stuff like that out of his ass!?

No offense to Micheal but it felt more like he lost by mixing up the turn 2 order and forgetting to Feat than me winning legitimately. At least now I know that my hate for eKrueger is totally justified.

Tryouts Game 3 – Ash Mitchell

pXerxis vs Rahn in Recon

I like Ash, he’s awesome and ate all the dried cuttlefish I offered to him on the weekend. I win the roll off and pick sides, taking one without a large building that will funnel me between my own objective.

Turn 1, Ash moves his army up, in particular his ninjas doing a wide flank on my left. I move up with my army outside his charge ranges, Xerxis doesn’t move, It isn’t kill box so I am not going closer to Rahn unless I have to.

Turn 2, Chimera runs up onto a hill. Rahn uses a Force Hammer and Chain Blast to punt my TyCom into the dirt. I regret moving him off the starting line, sigh. His Invictors move up and fire some shots at my Cataphracts killing one. I start by killing the Chimera. Ash is pretty bunched up due to the building I mentioned earlier. I get my Incindiarii to start shooting his Halberdiers and Invictors. Fire included I get 6-7 Invictors +UA and 5-6 Halberdiers +UA and a couple Battle Mages, pretty damn good. I contest the zone with Defenders Warded Cetrati. Xerxis has moves 2” forwards and Feats defensively

Turn 3, Ash Feats and yanks my Catapracts around. He only kills one Cetrati since Aiyanna decided not to kiss them. The other Halbediers charge in and take out a couple Cataphracts. Invictors get another. Ninjas start getting closer with one of them poking an Incindiarii. I clear out some more of his infantry and luck a shot onto Aiyanna killing the useless girl.

Turn 4, Ash walks around the side of the table. Oh, I forgot about Eiyriss3 this could be bad. She walks up shoots Xerxis and takes off Defenders ward and his four Fury. Ash gets a Battlemage and Rahn with LoS to Xerxis and takes him down to 10 boxes. I try and have my Arcuarii kill Rahn and one takes him down to 3boxes. My Archidon manages to kill Eiyriss on the unboosted attack (figures), I clear out as much of his stuff as I can.

Turn 5, Ash has another go at it, Rahn TKs a Ninja around my Cataphract line, and blasts Xerxis into a wall. The Ninja then charges, I have five boxes on the last attack and no transfers but he doesn’t kill me. On my turn I poke Rahn and he dies.

Assassination win

Well, I totally didn’t deserve that the way I played at the end. Ash total gentleman and nice guy so I gave him some cuttlefish and let him shake my hand. Hopefully he doesn’t punch me next time we meet. Worth also mentioning is the extreme control Ash had throughout the game when I was hitting his stuff on 10s with two dice while he would always leave my Cataphracts on one box. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

The fear of Rahn has now been instilled into me and I hate him nearly as much as I hate eKrueger. I’ve got three times his points on the table and he can still screw with me. Otherwise I felt pretty secure in the game as he doesn’t have the firepower and quantity of attacks to kill my stuff fast enough. I should have been able to stop that Eiryiss shot dead by parking my Archidon next to Xerxis blocking LoS but I’d just totally forgot about her.


Fun day, quite tiring. Unfortunately me and Ryan had to head back before the fourth game as it was already 5.30pm and we had a 3hour drive ahead of us and a event to run the next day. Not sure if it mattered or not but my next game was supposedly Retribution again. I finished the day with three wins but if you consider the purpose of the day the wins means little as I assume the committee is looking at how the individual matchups develop.

I had fun talking endless crap with Kenny and a bro hug with Bell (who from what I saw got put through a grinder). Seeing people suck on the chocolate balls and cuttlefish I was handing out was very amusing. Expect something wors… better in future!

Before moving on can I just say I think all the comittee members are totally A☆M☆A☆Z☆I☆N☆G☆S and I deeply respect all of them.

Hopefully i'm not being too obvious

Hopefully i’m not being too obvious

Except for Liam, you didn’t eat the cuttlefish like you promised back in November. Disappointed.

BIG Tides of War: Winter 25th January

It was mostly Ryan running the event, I was there to help or play if there were an odd number of players. It was a 35pt SR using relaxed (10min) timed turns.

We had eleven people turn up for the event, twelve if you include me. Orginally it was up to about fifteen/sixteen but we had some cancellations or travel issues come into play.

The list I played was a cut down version of the 50pt one I took to the tryouts (but never played).

Xerxis, Fury of Halaak (*5pts)
* Archidon (7pts)
* Despoiler (10pts)
* Molik Karn (11pts)
* Titan Gladiator (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

Game 1 – Alisdair Weeks

eXerxis vs eNemo in Destruction

Second game against Alisdair, i’ve played him once before but using Makeda3 also against eNemo a few weeks back and he’s changed his list since then to include Dynamo. I won the rolloff and went second intending to try and clear the zone and sprint back each turn.

Turn 1, Alisdair runs his army up, Polarity Shield on his Stormblades and Failsafe on his Stormclad. I also run my army up but outside of his threat ranges. Ignite goes on Molik.

Turn 2, Alisdair moves up cautiously and puts four Stormblades in the zone. He keeps his jacks outside the zone but threatening everything in it. On my turn I can get to his Stormclad and clear the zone so I go for it. Xerxis uses Sprints Molik Karn then casts Mobility, Feats and Rushes the Despoiler who walks up and kills four Stormblades (can’t charge them). Molik charges his Objective and then sidesteps into his Stormclad, it then turns out one more Side Step gets me into eNemo and so Nemo dies.

Assassination win.

So this was a lucky assassination as I didn’t actually expect Nemo to be in range, I thought i’d try it and see but if not i’d kill the Stormclad and sprint away. I’d then have the Archidon Sprint the Gladiator who would kill the Objective and then also walk away giving me 2CPs. This is partly my fault as Alisdair asked during his turn2 if objectives could be attacked to which I answered no, not even targeted. In my head I was thinking his turn, but I didn’t go the step further like I should have and clarify that it was during player 2s second turn that it became live and so Nemo ended up too close as I bounced off it.

Game 2 – Dave Baines

eXerxis vs eSkarre in Close Quarters

Haven’t played Dave before so new face to me, he had eSkarre and Gaspy3 and opted for eSkarre. I hear her Feat is pretty good when your opponent only has 5 models that do stuff…. I won the rolloff and went first, something I badly needed.

Turn 1, I rush everything up the board as far as it could go so either he comes forward and gets smacked or stays back and I get scenario. Dave Desperate Paces and runs his Satyxis into my beasts so they can’t get to him. His Reaper, Nyss and Deathjack follow up with Skarre tucked behind.

Turn 2, I pop Feat Xerxis, cast Mobility, Rushes Molik and Sprints despoiler and does a ride-by killing two Satyxis. Despoiler goes in and kills two Satyxis one turning into a Void and clearing the way for Molik. Gladiator kills three Satyxis by throwing one into a 2nd and punching the third. Paingivers enrage Molik and take fury off the other three. Molik charges DJ who can Admonition away but opts not too as Skarre is within sidestep range if he moves back. Molik proceeds to luck out kill DJ in three attacks before moving onto the Reaper who is also killed in three attacks. Waow. Void spirit charges his Nyss killing three after the Eruption of Ash. Dave doesn’t have much left now, so he has eSkarre kill Molik and then she Feats onto my heavies, Xerxis and herself. Nyss charge in and deal some damage to my heavies.

Turn 3, not much for me to do really. I puppet strings a PGBH and together they spawn a Void spirit by killing a Nyss. Thankfully they pass the Abomination check. Void spirit explodes some more Nyss. Dave camps on Skarre and Dominates his own flag and runs his Raider Captain to my flag.

Turn 4, Xerxis activates kills a few Nyss freeing up the lane for my Gladiator to pick up another Nyss and throw it at Skarre. Then Ignited Despoiler beats Skarre up as she’d been cutting from Feat and Life Trader on Molik.

Assassination win.

That would have been so much worse had I not killed both heavies, but it seems Molik is more than enough when you roll that many dice.

Game 3 – John Staynings

eXerxis vs Harbinger in Close Quarters

Like the previous game I have not met John before but I knew what sort of person he was, Harbinger at 35pts with 2 units of Bastions, evil in human form (but actually a very nice guy). This was going to be bad. It started off well with me winning the rolloff and going first.

Turn 1, Mobility and I run up the board, I make sure to keep my beasts within 3″ of my PGBH after their run so I don’t get them killed by a Harby Feat. John also runs his army up and Harby Feats for good measure as I expected.

Turn 2, I move some of my heavies backwards slightly out of his Bastions threat range, Xerxis walks up takes 2 damage from the Feat, casting Mobility, Sprint on Molik and Fatewalker. Molik gets Enraged and charges a off to the side 2 shotting it before sprinting out of charge range again. Since John can’t charge me he again runs up and has Harby behind the Bastions.

Turn 3, nowhere for me to go now, time to man up. Xerxis pops Feat casts Mobility and Rushes the Despoiler and Gladiator. PGBH enrage all my beasts and they charge, Archidon first. He goes into a Bastion and immediately gets his Spirit taken out by the Bastion Seneschal, urk not good. I don’t get a Crit Pitch to make some room. Despoiler and Gladiator both go in and start beating on the Bastions forcing harby down to 3 boxes before the first Bastion dies. Molik Charges in kills one more Bastion to make room and finally squeezes past the Bastion line. Hits another Bastion to get to Harby then hits Harby to finish the bitch.

Assassination Victory.

Wow, that Seneschal nearly lost me the game. Original plan was to fish for a crit pitch (not hard with Xerxis2 Feat and boosts) on one particular Bastion at Harby making space for a Sidestep regardless of Bastion health and Martyrdom damage. That plan went down the drain right there. It was only due to good dice and only missing one attack despite Awe that I forced the Bastions to actually start dying. I hate Harby, that list gave me nightmares of my Harby gave vs Martyn Jenkins.

Game 4 – Will Emery

eXerxis vs pBorka in Recon

Will is a fellow Pigmarite who had just started Trolls and this was his first event and sixth game with them overall so solid job getting to finals. I won the roll off and went first.

Turn 1, like before I run everything up full tilt with Mobility. Will does the same having his Fenns lead the way with Iron Flesh.

Turn 2, I need to deal with the Fenns before they deal with me. Xerxis Feats uses Mobility and Sprints Despoiler and himself. He then honks his way up with a rideby and kills three Fenns (Will has bad tough rolls in this game, they come late not early) and sprints away. Despoiler trots up kills two Fenns one which turns into a Void then walks away. Molik charges to get distance with Willbreaker reroll and S&P I hit and Sidestep into the Fenn UA kill the UA and another Fenn on the way out. Void spirit charges Janessa but she toughs, PGBH clean up the Fury. To add insult to injury the Fenns fail command without the UA. Will cannot get into melee with any of his models, or just one Warder if he Feats. So he pushes himself into the zone with his Warders and Mauler.

Turn 3, I start clearing out some Warders and get four of them. The Despoiler makes a Void who tries to charge Penndrake but he’s too far away. I’m still sprinting away from him. Will puts Fury on the last warder who charges and hurts Despoiler and his Fenns who rallied last turn charge my Archidon taking off a few boxes.

Turn 4, I finish off the last Warder then Molik charges the Mauler kills it and sprints away. Another Void Spirit finally kills Janessa. By now Will has 3 Fenns, a Fell Caller and his Krielstone left. Not much chance now so he has Borka Feat and charge by Despoiler, kills it and dings up my Gladiator as well.

Turn 5, Xerxis charges Borka and after buying an attack, as he didn’t stumble the right way, kills Borka.

Assassination win.

So you may have noticed a pattern in how my turns went, but that is essentially how I intended my list to operate when I built it. Buy board space turn 1 by hopefully going first and running then sprint away to minimise the counter. There wasn’t much for Will once his Fenn UA went down, he just couldn’t then charge/jam me and buy the time for his Warders and Mauler to get in. Scenario also wasn’t Kill Box so no luck there. Anyways well played to Will for getting this far although I did know everything his list did, Stark has scarred me with Borka before.

So, TLDR. I won the event. Very pleased and I really enjoyed playing something as fast and brutal as Xerxis2. It is worth saying that had my Feat turns not crippled my opponent right then and there Xerxis2 would most likely be dead the turn after. At best he will camp 1 Fury and cannot hide. He’s also likely better at 35pts but I will try out the 50pt list one day.


If you’ve read everything i’ve written thank you loads. I had an awesome weekend of games and people. I suspect the next big thing for me is SmogCon, very excited. If you’re also going i’m in no competitive events so ask me for a game, I’ll do my best to Fist you no charge.





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