UK Nationals 2014 – Day 1

The big day ooOooOoo.

Draws went up the night before for some random reason but whatever. Registered and picked up the 2014 shirt, the goodie bag with the all important food vouchers and a UK Nationals PP pin, nice!

Game 1 – Micheal Dick

Xerxis vs Sorcha 2 in Destruction

Well well. Good start. Scottish WTC member and the guy who placed 2nd in IG last night after barely failing to kill JPs Vlad1. He was playing Khador today and I had the feeling my Fist would get Dicked over (hahahaha… did not see that coming).

So I expected some kind of Vlad or Sorcha as his drop and I recieved the Sorcha2 with a Conquest. I’d considered dropping Makeda2 but all his lists had just a bit too much infantry to make it possible so I dropped the Fist. I won the roll and went first.

Turn 1, I run everything forward. Micheal runs up cautiously and spreads his models out from the fire. Lots of Abomination checks from his Doomreavers but the Kovnik keeps them in line.

Turn 2, I continue forward with the Cetrati. Incindiarii scatter fire wherever they can killing a few Doom Reavers and Kayazy, crucially they get one of the Eliminators. Xerxis puts up Inhospitable Ground. Micheal runs his Kayazy and a couple Doomreavers to jam my lines and stop some shooting but not much else due to Inhospitable ground. Conquest takes some shots but does minimal damage. Micheal takes a risk and walks Sorcha up to boost a Freezing Grip onto my Cetrati.

Turn 3, I luck out and clear the Elimnator harassing my Incindiarii. I clear out the jamming Doom Reavers with Arcuarii. Four Incindiarii CRA and aim at Sorcha on a hill dealing some good damage and setting her on fire. I have the possibility of another 4man CRA but decide against it instead I kill the remaining Doom Reavers and set more Kayazy on fire. I kill the objective to get 1CP. I believe Sorchas fire goes bout and  Micheal decides to commit this turn. Sorcha alocates to Conquest, Feats and Cyclones away. Conquest does a massive sweep killing a load of Cataphracts and the objective, not really needed the allocated focus. Kayazy and a couple Doom Reavers kill quite a few Cataphracts on my right. eAlexia summons 3 thralls who kill 3 more Cataphracts. Sorcha2 Feat is brutal, forver scarred.

Turn 4, I’m still jammed by Kayazy so I sprint Xerxis to go kill a few. My Incindiarii go Sorcha hunting and put her on fire again while the rest clear out more infantry as I need to be able to next turn get good charges onto his Conquest. A charging Arcuarii hits but doesn’t kill Alexia (curses!). Micheal has his Conquest deal another sweep but fails on most of the Cetrati. Alexia makes more Thralls killing 2 more Cataphracts. Not much left for either of us.

Turn 5, set Sorcha on fire again. Take down the Conquest with Feat a bunch of Cataphracts and my Archidon. After Xerxis bopped a couple Kayazy out of the way. With not much left to do I pass turn. Fire stays and Sorcha burns!


Fire OP! Oddly looking at the picture now I think that went pretty good for me by the end. 1 Kayazy, Saxxon, Kovnik, 2 Thralls and 2 Mekaniks vs 10 or so mixed Cataphracts (the 3 Cetrati on the side are dead). Sorcha2 is one scary lady. I’d originally thought her Feat was an Aura similar to Ossyan but since its a pulse she gets to Cyclone away and be safe (my backup plan was to kill after her Feat turn if she came close). During the course of the game i’d managed to kill just enough Doom Reavers to stop them from totally wrecking my army with Berzerk x2 damage but Alexia alone nearly did enough work to make up for their loss (another scary woman on the table). I’m not sure what i’d drop into Khador in future but it has definately got me thinking. I don’t see myself heading to Scotland for some games (no offence) so I guess SmogCon?

Game 2 – Luke Mason

Makeda2 vs Xerxis in Balance of Power.

Bummer a Skorne off. Well I definately do not want a Fist off and Luke had the Fist. I decided against it and dropped Makeda 2. I had an idea of how i’d play the game out but would be interesting to see how it worked in practice. Luke dropped the Fist. I won the roll and went first.

Turn 1, Leash on the Bronzeback and Road to War up I run everything as fast as I can up the board. With Rush on both the Sentry and Bronezback I get them either close to or in the zone. Luke does the usual and runs the Fist forward.

Turn 2, I back off slightly and have by Sentry toe into the zone. Molik gets Rushed and with R2W up walks up to cut down 2 Incindiarii before Fatewalking back. Luke commits and advances into the zone with Defenders Warded Cetrati and some Incindiarii. His shots and fire don’t do much damage.

Turn 3, go time. Makeda Feats puts up R2W and Train wreck on my Gladiator and Sentry.  Sentry walks up and kills 2 Incindiarii and 3 Arcuarii. Molik cuts down one Cetrati then walks away. Gladiator goes in and kills 2 more Cetrati (not as good as I had hoped). The Bronzeback goes in beats his way through 3 Incindiarii and 1 Cetrati until we realise he’s out of Control and I put him back a bit, so I cheated. I end my turn scoring 1 CP.


Luke has his flank pretty much in ruins and a lot of his army is on the other side away from mine. He has Xerxis pop his Feat and put Fury onto Molik. He quickly kills my Bronzeback but while manuevering models blocks off Moliks charge through to get to my Gladiator. He does put enough into the zone to stop me from clearing it a second time.

Turn 4, so we’re now pretty much playing sideways. I have Molik continue to yo-yo through his Cataphracts while my Gladiator punches at his Gladiator not getting much done. Luke on his turn kills off my Gladiator and moves Molik into the zone.

Turn 5, I have a lone swamp gobber who goes off on a very important mission, running to his flag to score. Sentry moves up with locked and I throw my Paingivers into his Cataphracts and Beasts to keep them in place. My Molik is still bouncing around and my Krea shoots his Molik to stop it from charging and getting +2Str. Luke is hindered by Locker and can’t get enough into my Sentry to kill it. He throws his Standard at the Gobbers but misses. His paingivers run to contest.


Turn 6, Makeda walks to the flag and kills the standard. Molik sidesteps his way through and kills all the contesting paingivers. My Sentry lockers up again and hits the Gladiator some more. Luke has no choice now but to try and kill Makeda as he doesn’t have enough to stop me from scoring. Xerxis moves up and between him and the Gladiator kill my Sentry stopping Molik from charging. I however get 4Fury back from the Sentry dying putting me up to 5. Molik then charges through but misses 4 attacks overall which do low damage or I transfer them away.

Turn 7, My Molik kills his Molik and I take the scenario win.

Phew. Very strange sideways game. Managed to force the win through by crushing down on one side and always threatening with my superior threat range. Xerxis couldn’t really get close. The game went very well for me, Luke hadn’t much experience in the Skorne mirror whereas i’d had a lot of experience using the Fist to draw upon. Despite that Luke used his superior armor and defence to force into the zone and grind me down. I think it was his blocked charge during his turn3 that ultimately cost him the game as I was two heavies up on him rather than just one.

Game 3 – Matt Townsend (again, sigh)

Xerxis vs Gaspy3 in Close Quarters

Un-f*****g-real. Eighth game or so? We have the classic match between us, Xerxis vs Gaspy3. No Mordikaar for Matt, only the Fist! To be fair, i’d was dying to replay the match from the ETC where my caution let Matt get a Scenario win over me. It was time to go Hyper Aggresive! Which started well as I went first.

Turn 1, run run run! Matt does slow runs which still end up going futher than mine!

Turn 2, Incindiarii start setting stuff on fire. Cetrati walk up past them. One Arcuarii gets a charge onto his Bane Riders and kills it. I send a couple Arcuarii to tie up some Raiders. Matt kills the offending Arcuarii and sends his Riders behind a building to my right. Raiders charge into my Cetrati but mostly bounce off as they miss some whip attacks. Witches move up and go Incoporeal jamming my front line. Deathjack creeps closer….


Turn 3, I set even more of his stuff on fire and Xerxis removes some of the annoying Satyxis from my front lines before Feating and Sprinting away. I think during the turn I managed a CRA onto his Sea Witch to get rid of Force Barrier which let my Incindiarii blasts do more than usual. I think I Feated this turn to get the +2ARM. At the beginning of Matts turn all but one fire goes out, le sigh. Matt charges in his Witches to kill some Cetrati while Deathjack chomps down on my Cataphracts. Matt decides to force the issue and starts dominating his flag and pops his Feat I think, he also puts the accursed Ragman in the way so I can’t drag him out.


Turn 4, I charge stuff into DJ but don’t take it out. Xerxis kills some Satyxis and Sprints onto my flag with Inhospitable Ground up. I set more stuff on fire and it all goes out on Matts turn. Ragman has now endured three blast damage rolls and been set on fire twice and still lives, must be a cat. Matt clears out his flag and scores up to 2CP. The Mechithralls start growing in size and DJ heals all the damage I dealt to him the turn before. I am very quickly running out of Weapon Masters that can kill him especially when he’s DEF15 with Ashen Veil.


Turn 5, I’m down on time, 17mins to Matts 30 or so. I decide to go for an some sort of assassination. Xerxis puts Fury on a lone Arcuarii. Archidon charges DJ and gets the crit-pitch but it scatters away from Gaspy, bummer. I fire three CRAs into Gaspy dealing a few points of damage then charge in the Fury’d Arcuarii and another lone Arcuarii. Both hit but don’t get the damage in. Fire deals no damage to Gaspy and I think he’s around 2-3 boxes left. Matt clears his flag again gets up to 3CP. Forgot to have DJ stand up in the control phase so instead DJ puts Ashen Veil on Gaspy (which I fail to register at this point). Contests my flag with a Mechithrall and kills a few Cataphracts.

Turn 6, i’m down to a few minutes left and i’m panicking. I have my Incindiarii shoot and kill blocking Mechithralls to clear a path. Run a nominated Incindiarii up to Gaspy3, and get Xerxis to Combo-smite him into Gaspy. But I fuck up, as he goes through the flag during the slam and never knocks Gaspy down, should have thought that through a bit more as I had a couple inches of movement left. Last ditch attempt. TyCom charges Gaspy rolls a 7 which I assume hit, start rolling damage until Matt reminds me of Ashen Veil. Momentarily stunned I can’t think of anything else, I pass turn with 5s left and ask for the fire roll. It doesn’t go out. Gaspy burns.

Courtesy of Lewis Johnson

Courtesy of Lewis Johnson

OMFG I don’t think i’ll ever have a closer game. I’ve played Matt more than some of my club mates and it’s always in tournaments, I think he’s in half my blog posts. New tag? I need to play faster if I want to replicate this in the future without resorting to assassination. Should have saved me Feat just for DJ as not one rounding him really hurt. Going more aggressive this time definately helped and put Matt on the backfoot. This may be the 4th or so time we’ve done this matchup and I have no doubt it’ll happen again in the near future. If we go to the same tournament then we’re bound to play.

Game 4 – Fraiser McFetridge

Xerxis vs pVayl in Incursion

When this started I asked Fraiser if he had pVayl, he said yes. GAME OVER. I don’t know why I took the Fist I should have dropped Makeda2, i’ve played Ryan enough times in a Fist vs pVayl to know the Fist gets wrecked. I suspect the previous game left me drained, yeah… just that, excuses. I lost the roll to go first, not looking good. No pictures this game, totally forgot.

Turn 1, Fraiser Leashes Typhon and runs his stuff up the board. I walk up with Incindiarii and try to set some of his stuff on fire and catch some Hex Hunters. Cetrati run up the board. Left flag goes away which isn’t good as theres shallow water between me and the right flag….

Turn 2, Typhon barfs all over four Cataphracts then gets Leashed away before cleaning up. Hex Hunters jam me and a Pot spawned Shredder noms on a Cataphract. On my turn I clear out the middle flag and take 1CP.

Turn 3, Fraiser clears the models contesting the right flag and Feats. With Incite Typhon again, pukes all over my Cataphracts killing quite a few. Sytheans kill some more before he backs off onto the right flag for 1CP. I have a lot of trouble clearing out the Hex Hunters contesting the middle flag as the nearby wall hinders my placement. I eventually do get it and kill the pot to score my 2nd CP.

Turn 4, Fraiser clears the right flag out and dominates up to 3CP. I try and get as much stuff as possible into the right flag and clear the center to get 3CP.

Turn 5, Fraiser clears the flag, gets his last 2CP but doesn’t contest the middle so I get a 4th CP (he’s nice!)

Urrgh, it was that simple. Again I do not know what I should do against pVayl as she just bends me over, but despite that I shouldn’t have dropped Fist. At the very least by dropping Makeda2 I could maybe have played for an assassination or some beast trades. By taking the Fist I was basically hoping Fraiser would make 2-3 mistakes to let me into the game but Fraiser played everything right. I’ll work a bit more on a pVayl drop, maybe spend more time with Makeda2. Its a bit better than hoping Legion players don’t take her :3! Thanks to Fraiser for the game, he gave me a good drubbing but it was one I deserved with my silly list choice. I’ll take the lesson to heart and hopefully get my revenge at SmogCon if we can get a game in.

Finished the day 3-1 and for some reason 8th on Tiebreak (the feels!)

Spent the evening having curry at the usual place, usual people + for some reason (shameful display) Toby.


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