Warlords/Immortals 50pt Steamroller 2nd August

Orginally I wasn’t too sure if I could make this one (weekend after the ETC) but after checking with Ryan who was also interested we just went for it. The events in Walsall have always been fun and the drive isn’t that bad. If only they could do something about their start time of 9am.

Shoes are overrated

Shoes are overrated

Lists for the day:

Master Ascetic Naaresh (*6pts) Tier 4
* Basilisk Krea (4pts)
* Cyclops Brute (5pts)
* Cyclops Raider (5pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Cyclops Savage (5pts)
* Cyclops Shaman (5pts)
* Archidon (7pts)
Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)

Void Seer Mordikaar (*5pts)
* Basilisk Drake (4pts)
* Basilisk Drake (4pts)
* Despoiler (10pts)
Bloodrunners (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Cataphract Cetrati (Leader and 5 Grunts) (11pts)
* Tyrant Vorkesh (3pts)
Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) (1pts)
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer (3pts)
Agonizer (2pts)
Mortitheurge Willbreaker (2pts)

I took Naaresh because I wanted something different. I don’t know why it was Naaresh but it sort of wormed itself into my head after some small talk at the ETC. So the list is tier 4 and basically really really fast on turn 1.

Mordikaar is built for Cryx, basically an adjusted net list which is actually pretty good even if it has trouble killing high ARM targets. Revive is pretty good and getting to use the Bloodrunners I painted is always nice.

Game 1 – Bye!

Yay! I won my first game with Naaresh!

I believe the original pairings had me vs Ryan right from the start so it was swapped over to a bye. There was a possiblity of having someone else take the bye but that would leave me playing Matt Townsend (derp) round 1, so I took the bye.

Game 2 – James☆Stark

Naaresh vs Borka in Supply & Demand

J☆ teased me with Calandra but it was always Borka and I was going to get my s**t pushed in. I won the dice off and opted to go first.

Turn 1, thanks to the tier bonus I had Lamentation on Naaresh from the start and my Nihilators got Advance Move. Basically with all the speed bonuses I just ran everything straight at him. Iron Flesh went onto the painted unit of Nihilators.

J☆ wonders if its even worth moving forwards since he’ll wreck me sooner or later (yay J☆ so kind). Fenns, Warders and Longriders run up. Fenns get the Iron Flesh and Tragedy put on them.

Turn 2, I activate my Raider and shoot at the drummer next to Borka totally forgetting he has Windwall up, what a waste. Iron Flesh Nihilators walk into melee with the Fenns and fail to hit anything. Unpainted Nihilators charge two Longriders and manage to deal a massive three damage to two Riders. Naaresh walks up to another Fenn and kills it before Cycloning away. I poke another couple Fenns with my Cyclops but only get 1 more as the other toughs I think.

His Iron Flesh > my Iron Flesh

His Iron Flesh > my Iron Flesh

Fenns with Vengeace take out a couple Nihilators. J☆s Longriders ride all over my unpainted Nihilators leaving me about four left. Fenns keep pushing in and killing my Iron Fleshed Nihilators while his Warders move up.

Turn 3, Naaresh Feats and hurts all of my beasts (so stupid). Painted Nihilators wiff on his Fenns again. Unpainted Nihilators manage to kill one Longrider. My Raider punches a Warder and toughs a Fenn. The follow up Savage kills another Warder after three tough rolls, le sigh. Rest of my beasts poke at his Fenns but I only get a couple more as the rest tough it out like real Trolls.

I’m having a hard time remembering if J☆ even Feated in our game…. Fenns kept Vengeancing and killed the last of my painted Nihilators. Longriders cleaned up the rest of the unpainted unit. Borka put up Moshpit. Warders charged up and killed my Krea, a Savage and hurt my Brute a lot.

Turn 4, I decide to go all in. I have my Shaman poke a Fenn three times before it dies. My Archidon also hits another Fenn three times before he dies. Whatever the path is clear. Naaresh charges his Chronicler and stabs him in the face, he toughs… stabs him in the other face, he dies. Casts Bleed on the Keg Carrier boosting to hit, which it does and the Keg Carrier dies. MISSON ACOMPLISHED!

Cyclone into Borka for the lols and hit him for 1 damage so he wanders off.

J☆ activates his Longriders runs the leader over with Party Foul and has him hoof stomp Naaresh.

No beer for you!

No beer for you!

Assassination Loss.

Conclusion: Rekt. I’ll expand later, i’m on tilt from merely from typing this report out. Lunch was good, I needed that time to wind down 😛

Game 3 – Matt Townsend

Mordikaar vs eDenny in Outflank

Unreal… (this is our seventh tournament meeting)

So I was going to put Mordikaar down and Matt graciously gave me the choice of picking his lists for him (pity?) between eDenny and Lich3 i’d played vs Lich3 quite a lot but never vs eDenny so I figured why not her, first for everything! Won the roll off thankfully and went first so Matt gave me the side with a building on it (good thing I have Ghost Walk!)

Turn 1, Mordikaar Ghost Walks my Nihilators so they can run through the building, and Hollows the Bloodrunners. Army runs up with the Bloodrunners leading.

Matt runs a chicken up, puts Puppet Strings on Denny and casts Hellmouth on my Nihilators (I knew Banishing Ward existed for a reason), five Nihilators and a Bloodrunner get sucked into the ether. Bloodrunners get Marked for Death. Nyss shoot a couple Bloodrunners dead as they’ve lost Stealth, rest of his army runs up.

Turn 2, consider trying to Assassinate Denny, could most likely get a 1/2 Bloodrunners and a Drake in Essence Blast range when I have 10 Fury and Puppet Strings, Denny camping zero Focus. Decide against it as I won’t really learn anything if it works, will play the game out. Press Forward and Sheild Wall with the Cetrati to hold the right zone, and run my Drakes into the left zone. Despoliler toes left zone and uses his Animus. Run a Bloodrunner up to try and spray Gorman. Foiled in the attempt because of Submerge, thought I could spray over Wrongeye to get Gorman behind a Cloud. Instead spray onto Denny, kill a Nyss and get 9damage onto Denny thanks to Puppet Strings. Hollow goes onto the Nihilators and I pop Feat.

Matt runs his 2nd chicken up as the other one is being poked by Nihilators. Walks Denny up to catch my army in her Feat, preps to cast Hellmouth… is within 10″ of my Despoiler. Mistake from Feating on my drakes in the far side of the left zone, goes Incopoeral and camps instead. Snapjaw charges and RFPs a Cetrati. Hollow gets ripped off my Nihilators and the Boomhowlers kill a couple. Nyss throw a Pow19 into my Despoiler taking out its mind 😦

Turn 3, I have my TyCom who wasn’t caught by Feat run to engage his 2nd Chicken. Cetrati stab Wrongeye but leave his spirit with 1 box left. Mordikaar revives some Nihilators who then manage to kill a Boomhowler (I think). Drakes spray on a few Nyss that had gotten too close. Run a Paingiver up to engage the Nyss and Despoiler uses his Animus again. Gobbers fart.

Despoiler saves the day!

Despoiler saves the day!

Matt walks his chicken over to kill the engaging Paingiver. Nyss charge into my despoiler or run into the Drakes dealing some more damage. Wrong eye walks over and eats Vorkesh, Boomhowlers kill a couple more Nihilators. Gorman Blinds the three Cetrati I have in the right zone. Mechanithralls creep ever closer.

Turn 4, TyCom charges Wrong eye but only manages 6 damage which he transfers. I revive a couple Nihilators to uselessly smack Boomhowlers. Paingivers heal my Despoiler who clears out two Nyss and makes a Void Spirit. This also frees up my Drakes to spray down another three Nyss. Void spirit charges the chicken. Cetrati continue to hit Wrongeye while the blinded ones move up.

Wrongeye clears out the two remaining Cetrati in the middle and stares at Mordikaar (omnomnom) while Wrong Eye kills the TyCom. Mechanithralls run into the left zone to contest also kills my Void Spirit. Boomhowlers and Nihilators keep doing their thing. Gorman blinds the three Cetrati and a Nihilator then Rockbottom sets them on fire, I forgot to mention that one is also corroded. I think he also manages to kill the last Bloodrunner who has been hiding in the middle of the board with Marked for Death since turn 1….

Turn 5, Drakes spray Cylena and a Mechanithrall boosting to hit, killing Cylena who turns into a Void Spirit but missing the Mechanithrall. Second Drake sprays the same Mechanithrall and the chicken, deals 14 damage to the chicken and kills it, misses the Mechanithrall (what!?) Void Spirit charges off and kills a Necrosurgeon. Mordikaar walks into the left zone and revives a Cetrati who pokes Wrong Eye. Despoiler charges into Wrong Eye and kills him.

I’m a bit fuzzy on what happens now as dice down was called, not sure if it was near the end of my turn or beginning of his. Not much happened in the right side.

No control points scored meant it went to VPs and it ended up as me with 50 to Matts 58 so he took it on Tiebreakers. Close game and glad I took it as far as I did vs Matt.

3rd tiebreaker loss.

Conclusions: Banishing Ward the Nihilators in future. I could have really used the extra models around to deal with the Boomhowlers. Wrongeye was pretty nasty with the RFP so I will have to be more cautious or smarter with my Agonizer placement so he can get the aura off.

Game 4 – Alistair Marjoan

Mordikaar vs eVyros in Close Quarters

I wasn’t about to play Naaresh again and the Mordikaar list had a Agonizer in it. Lost the roll off and went second.

Lots of Sentinels

Lots of Sentinels

Turn 1, Alistair runs everything up the board. Its pretty intimidating to see that many Sentinels so far up the board.

In response I turn have Mordikaar Feat put three on the Agonizer and Hollow the Bloodrunners and run them to engage the Sentinels. Rest of my army runs up behind them.

Turn 2, Alistair uses his Sentinels to try and clear the Bloodrunners but DEF17, and some very good tough rolls lets him only kill two. His Destor Thanes have a better time killing a Nihilator each as I made sure to spread them out. Vyros Feats.

Unfortunately for Alistair my Bloodrunners had him jammed up between the two forests so his Feat didn’t grant him as much movement as he would like. Mordikaar revived a Bloodrunner and two Nihilators. The Bloodrunners stabbed a few Sentinels and Shadowplayed out of the center to the left. Nihilators charged up and started a massive Bezerk run killing most of his Sentinels. Despoiler walked up to kill a Sentinel and spawn a Void Spirit who charged the Sentinel UA but failed to kill him. Cetrati walked up into Shield Wall around my Despoiler. Agonizer runs up to prevent allocation.

Turn 3, as I failed to kill the Sentinel UA two Sentinels vengeanced up and killed the Agonizer so he could allocate again. Alistair worked the Synergy chain up to three using his two Aspis and a Griffon before walking Imperatus up. Imperatus used two Sidesteps to get into the Despoiler and with three bought attacks took out spirit and mind but left Despoiler on about 5boxes. Vyros tried a rideby shooting but didn’t damage Despoiler.

Mordikaar heals my Despoiler and revives a Cetrati. Despoiler goes to work on Imperatus but doesn’t make him use Phoenix Protocol. My Cetrati charge into Imperatus and with DarkShroud from Despoiler take him out. Drakes keep doing work spraying his Aspis.

Turn 5, Sentinels finish off my Despoiler then Alistair clears out the models near my flag with his Thanes and walks Vyros over to the flag who then shoots at Mordikaar… he misses and I Poltergeist him off my flag. Alistair scores 1CP.

Mordikaar uses Bushwack from the Drake, Revives a Cetrati and boosts a shot into Vyros dealing 6 damage before walking away. Two Cetrati and Vorkesh charge Vyros and with CMA on Vyross hits and kills him.

Assassination Victory

Vorkesh hits pretty hard...

Vorkesh hits pretty hard…

Conclusions: I think it was thanks to Mordikaar Feat stopping him dead in his tracks which let me take this game as 10’s to hit Tough models is rough. Bloodrunner freestrikes can’t be ignored with Anatomical Precision. Drakes also did good work with their Pow14s. Despoiler once again with his Void Spirits helped loads, although they didn’t kill much this game they sucked another attack and could have potentially killed huge numbers of infantry with a decent ash cloud.

The end…

I went 1-2 overall (the bye doesn’t really count). I’m happy with the Mordikaar games not so much with the Naaresh games. Lots of nice people at the event which I haven’t met before, although I would like to play some more of them in future. The buffet lunch was good as we could relax instead of foraging for food outside. The only problem is, I must learn the ‘Dodge Matt’ skill soon because this is getting ridiculous, if it wasn’t already. Its pretty dire when your draw is G1 Ryan, G2 J☆, G3 Matt.

Will definately go to the next Walsall event which will be a Midlands SR.

Oh, Ryan took ‘1st’ place. Tied 4 wins with J☆ but Ryan had the better SoS. Finals at the Nationals I guess!

… of Naaresh

It was partly/mostly my list and J☆ able to beef through anything I could throw at him but tbh, Naaresh is (imo) bad. He’s lacking a lot of tools that make the other Skorne Casters (imo) good, basically buffs.

He has a infantry DEF spell but his damage and ARM buff is Battlegroup only for just one turn and they might have to take damage, really stupid. He has no way of improving the accuracy or speed of his army, which wouldn’t be a problem if his existing buffs were extremely powerful which they are not.

For stupid comparisons sake. Xerxis: ARM+DEF buff (Defenders Ward), damage buff (fury), damage+ARM buff (FEAT), control spell (Inhospitable Ground), SPD buff (Martial Discipline sort of). To make matters even worse, he even has a better MAT and Combo-strike and is far tankier with a lower FURY stat.

Why the f**k is Naaresh base Pow+Str 10? Whipping him to Pow+Str 15 is just dumb. Who cares if he can upkeep with his health if you’re just going to drop Iron Flesh so you can charge!? Le SIGH.

Enough about the Caster. If/when I go back to Naaresh I’ll reach for the titans, Tiberion/Sentry and the like. I shouldn’t have tried to be ‘speshul’ and go theme tier 4.

If Naaresh and Sunhammer is the best PP can think up for new Skorne Casters then i’m going to be really sad when Xerxis2 comes out.




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